ART, Advanced Recognition Technologies, exhibited its smARTcar proprietary technology at the Paris INCARtech conference held at the CNIT, Paris La Defense, December 5-6. Synthesising both voice and writing recognition, ART's fully integrated solution provides smARTcar drivers with new and safer ways to naturally control many of their vehicles' electronic systems.

Voice dialling has already proven its superior safety for hands-free operation of mobile cellular phones. Now smARTcar deploys the same voice interface to activate and control embedded automotive systems -- lights, wipers, windows, a/c and heating -- and accessories like the car radio-cassette/CD player.

While voice activation may be the perfect solution for most situations, for some extreme-noise environments in-car natural handwriting recognisers can be more effective.

For particular systems handwriting may simply be preferable - like sending short text messages (SMS) over the cellular network or selecting a new destination for the car navigation system without taking your eyes from the road. Activated through fingertip writing onto a touchpad embedded in the steering wheel or console, this is as safe and accurate as voice control. Handwriting recognition also works for ignition security-lock control activated by a personal signature.

SmARTcar has fingertip handwriting recognition accurate to 93% on a bumpy road, while its voice recognition gives a 95% accuracy rate in a noisy car environment.