ANSYS, Inc. (Nasdaq: ANSS - news), announces DesignSpace(TM) for Inventor, with full associativity and assembly support for Autodesk Inventor(TM), Autodesk's new 3D modeling package. Demonstrated at Autodesk's One Team Conference in Nice, France, DesignSpace successfully read and solved a 37-piece bicycle frame model created in Inventor.

DesignSpace software has been proven to be the most productive first pass simulation tool in head-to-head product comparisons according to a report published by ARA Engineering, Inc., an independent consulting firm with over 20 years of experience in product design, engineering analysis, and systems integration. Autodesk Inventor, a mechanical design software, consists of assembly-centric solid modeling (3D) and a drawing production (2D) system built with adaptive technologies. Because of the full associativity, design engineers can simulate the performance of numerous configurations in a fraction of the time it takes to perform a single evaluation.

"Our alliance with ANSYS has always been strong and vital to designers using many of our mechanical design products," said Robert Kross, vice president, Autodesk Mechanical Division. "Unlike traditional analysis and simulation techniques, the DesignSpace knowledge-based approach focuses on assembly design and unparalleled ease-of-use, and this fits very well as a tool to be used in conjunction with Inventor and Mechanical Desktop. DesignSpace gives our customers excellent analysis capability, and it comes as no surprise that DesignSpace is one of the first analysis tools to be totally associative with Inventor," said Kross.

In the design of high-performance underwater vehicles, Hawkes Ocean Technologies, Point Richmond, CA, uses DesignSpace in conjunction with Autodesk Inventor. "The key advantage of working with DesignSpace for Inventor is that we are able to seamlessly attach our models to the DesignSpace database and retain all the associativity when we make changes to the Inventor models," said Eric Hobson, mechanical engineer, Hawkes Ocean Technologies.

Hawkes' designs and analyses eventually must win certification by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). "The ability to bring changes made in Inventor directly into DesignSpace saves considerable time," Hobson explained. "Without this tight associativity, the constraints, loads, and supports would have to be reapplied to the geometry of the model in DesignSpace after almost every change. Reapplying takes perhaps 10 minutes but it would have to be done after every change. In the critical designs we might run 20-30 iterations, and reapplying quickly becomes time consuming and irritating. For us, this associativity works beautifully," Hobson added.

"Our customers have been guiding us to build tools that will allow them to test their designs or product assemblies within the design environment and validate them against design specifications early in the development process. DesignSpace is built specifically for the design engineer," said Lee Stotler, business unit manager, ANSYS, Inc. "Our long standing relationship with Autodesk helps to insure that we remain the early providers of this engineering technology for Autodesk products."

Like Autodesk Inventor, DesignSpace operates completely in the Windows environment and is available at a price engineers can afford. Inventor is supported in DesignSpace Release 5.0.2 and currently available. More information regarding DesignSpace capabilities is available at The complete case study is available at

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