the American Tire Corporation (OTC Bulletin Board: ATYR - news; ) have announced that they are finalizing the testing of an automobile tire with a 1,000-pound load without any air pressure (although air is normally used). The technology being tested has been in development for the past five years and is the brainchild of Richard A. Steinke, President and C.E.O. of American Tire Corporation. "The tire has been undergoing lab testing for several weeks now and has passed critical stages with flying colors," stated Mr. Steinke. The next step for the company is to mount tires on a vehicle for road testing. James G. Moore, Vice President of Operations for American Tire Corporation and a former engineer of The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, said that the technology was developed after several years of studying the problems associated with tread problems and flat tires. Mr. Moore said the Company has developed a mechanical design mechanism, which provides for design and testing of a tire before it is manufactured. The tire can be tested with both horizontal and vertical loads and with or without air. He stated that the testing procedure is very accurate.