Statement by Dr. Richard Klimisch, Vice- President, Aluminum Association:

The aluminum industry congratulates the Ford Motor Company on its bold fuel economy announcement, made today in Washington, D.C. "Ford's pledge of a 25 percent improvement in fuel economy over the next five years signals a growing role for lightweight materials such as aluminum." The aluminum industry is committed to continuing its work with Ford and other automakers to provide their customers with even cleaner, safer cars for the future. Over the last decade, the use of automotive aluminum has doubled across the board, and tripled in the fast-growing light truck category.

As a high-performance metal, aluminum allows automakers to maintain the size, strength and safety of vehicles while reducing weight and improving fuel economy. Many of today's advanced technology vehicles are built on aluminum structures and many of the world's high-performance cars, such as the Audi A8, Ferrari 360 Modena, Acura NSX, Chrysler Prowler, GM EV1, Honda Insight and Lincoln LS, make extensive use of aluminum.

"The aluminum industry, through the Auto Aluminum Alliance, has been working with car manufacturers in North America and around the world to develop innovative solutions for the next generation of cars and trucks. It's no wonder that it is the fastest growing automotive material."