Allison Transmission says it has partnered with multiple North American telematics service providers (TSPs) to deliver 'transmission health information by year-end'. TSPs will begin integrating Allison into their applications for a 'single, efficient fleet management experience'.

"We are laying the foundation for our future in the global connected vehicle ecosystem," said John Coll, senior vice president of global marketing, sales and service for Allison Transmission. "By working with both TSPs and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Allison is supporting their existing and new customers with connected capabilities."

The new connected capabilities, which are backwards compatible to Allison fourth generation electronic controls, will provide insight into over 170 different transmission conditions. This will provide fleet management and maintenance staff with the insight they need to improve vehicle uptime, it is claimed. Transit buses and motor coaches, along with refuse, construction, and pick-up and delivery trucks are among the many vocations that can benefit from connected capabilities.

"We are committed to enhancing our intelligent products and supporting a connected future that enables our customers to monitor and manage their fleet operations with relevant information in near real-time," said Coll. "Allison wants to ensure fleet managers have relevant and actionable information about the health and performance of their Allison transmissions."

In addition to this initial deployment, Allison continues to work with OEMs and additional TSPs to expand support across both vocations and global regions.

"We look forward to building on this platform and evolving toward additional connected capabilities that enable our customers to further optimise their fleets leveraging prescriptive data insights specific to vocations and duty cycles," said Coll.