The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance operating board has decided to appoint a general secretary who will be named soon.

This executive will be key for coordinating and facilitating several major projects that are to be launched to accelerate business efficiencies for the respective companies, the alliance said in a statement.

The general secretary would report to the operating board and CEOs.

The monthly operating board meeting was held in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, attended by Jean-Dominique Senard, chairman of the operating board and Renault, Makoto Uchida, nominated CEO Nissan Motor, Osamu Masuko, chairman Mitsubishi Motors, Clotilde Delbos, acting CEO Renault, Takao Kato CEO Mitsubishi Motors, Ashwani Gupta, nominated COO Nissan Motor, Jose-Vicente de Los Mozos, acting deputy CEO Renault and Olivier Murguet, acting deputy CEO Renault.

The statement said the meeting "concentrated on improving the efficiency of the alliance with a deep, common understanding of the work to be achieved in the future.

"The board members all agreed on programmes to significantly enhance and accelerate the operational efficiency of the alliance for the benefit of the three companies, including action plans to maximize the contribution to support each company's strategic plan and operating profit."

More details will be announced later.