The Renault Nissan alliance has concluded a partnership with the provincial government of Guangdong as part of efforts to promote the use of electric vehicles in China.

The agreement calls for the alliance and the development and reform commission of Guangdong province to cooperate in creating charging facilities and other opportunities to facilitate the use of electric vehicles.

The commission is the second local government in China to sign a memorandum of understanding with the alliance after the Wuhan municipal government, the alliance said.

''China has the great potential for electric vehicles as the government is very serious to promote the zero-emission societies,'' Noboru Tateishi, programme director of the global zero emission business unit of Nissan, said in a statement cited by Kyodo News. ''We continuously talk with the local governments to spread our EVs into the Chinese market.''

Nissan is set to release its EVs in Japan, the United States and Europe in fiscal 2010 and in China in early 2011.