Mazda's all-new and 'more premium' Mazda6 has made its World Premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. 

Chief designer Youichi Sato describes the design theme for the new Mazda6 as 'bold and exquisite'. 

The new Mazda6 is an even stronger statement of driving dynamism that confidently embodies a Japanese design identity and will still look fresh in ten years time, Mazda says. 

Mazda gushes that 'richly curved surfaces, sophisticated materials and controlled glossiness generate a high-quality feel and add to the air of craftsmanship, along with the microfine accuracy of component fit - generating a feeling of kizuna (an emotional connection) for both the driver and passengers.'

The press release goes on...

'The development theme for the Mazda6's dynamics was 'driving performance that creates oneness between the car and driver' - echoing the Jinba Ittai achieved by the Mazda MX-5.'

There's more...

'A solid sense of security created by the confident, predictable handling is central to the Zoom-Zoom evolution concept embodied in the new Mazda6.'

Customers will be offered a choice of powertrains as a new 170ps, 2.5-litre petrol engine (developed from the previous 2.3-litre unit) joins the line-up alongside the enhanced 1.8 and 2.0-litre petrol engines and the MZR-CD 2.0 turbo diesel, all carried over from the previous Mazda6.