AFC Energy has launched its zero emissions electric vehicle (EV) charger based on hydrogen fuel cell technology.   

"It can no longer be denied EVs have become part of today's mainstream automotive experience, but there are many areas where infrastructure is constraining mass deployment," said AFC Energy, CEO, Adam Bond. 

"Our system is independent of the grid and delivers EV charging in the most remote off-grid locations or in highly populated urban areas where supply is over-subscribed. With this system, we provide a solution to support the industry's emerging need for a national network of EV charge-points."

Mechanical and electrical components can be housed within an ISO container, which is insulated and fitted with the environmental controls to allow operation in a range of climates without the odour or noise associated with diesel generators.

The Modular AFC Energy H-PowerTM systems will be available in three standard configurations, which can provide up to 100 charge points to a single site.

To support the new system, hydrogen sourcing and auxiliary equipment is also available from third party suppliers through AFC Energy for integration into the final product solution.

AFC Energy can work with all EV charging platforms to provide its system as part of an integrated emission-free charging system.

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