Advanced Engine Technologies, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: AENG - news) is continuing its efforts to develop and test the OX2 internal combustion engine, which shows every sign of living up to its promise.

The OX2 engine is best described by Dr. Roberta Nichols, an engineering consultant for AET, as a "free piston engine, with fewer parts than a reciprocating engine, its operation more like a two-stroke engine, which should have the same superior power-to-weight ratio. Because of its small size, it could be a good choice for generator-type applications, including the hybrid powertrain for a vehicle."

Dr. Nichols is retired from Ford Motor Company and presently working as an engineering/alternative fuel consultant on projects of interest to her. The author (or co-author) of more than 60 publications, Dr. Nichols is the holder of three patents for the Flexible Fuel Vehicle (FFV).

Dr. Nichols' responsibilities as a manager at Ford Motor Company for 16 years included the development of alternative fuel vehicles. She worked for The Aerospace Corporation for nearly 20 years as well and is the recipient of numerous awards from engineering organizations.

Listed alphabetically, AET's Board of Directors includes Mr. Noel Holmes, Mr. George Hunt, Ms. Alexandria Phillips, and Mr. Carroll Shelby. In addition, Mr. Shelby has agreed to serve as president of AET while the engine is being evaluated at the University. Operational policies and decisions, however, will continue to be promulgated by the Board of Directors.