R8 V10 on sale from June

R8 V10 on sale from June

Audi says its R8 e-tron 2.0, a pure electric supercar, will have a range of up to 450km (280 miles). The car is making its world premiere at the Geneva motor show as a prototype, alongside the second generation R8 V10.

The new R8 is for the moment not being offered with a V8 engine but this may come later. There is as yet also no news on a successor for the spider body style. The car will be launched across Europe from June with the choice of two 5.2-litre V10 engines. The lower powered one has 397kW (540hp) while the unit in the R8 V10 plus produces 449kW (610hp). A seven-speed s tronic (dual clutch) transmission is standard, as is quattro all-wheel drive.

The plus has a dry weight of 1,454 kilograms (3,205.5 lb). Despite what Audi says is a lot of extra equipment and greater rigidity, the new R8 weighs up to 50 kilograms (110.2 lb) less than its predecessor. The 'multimaterial' Audi Space Frame (ASF) is said to be the main reason for the relatively low weight and claimed optimum axle load distribution.

The car's ASF employs a combination of aluminium and carbonfibre reinforced plastics (CFRP) in its construction. 

The e-tron's power output is quoted as 340kW with torque of 920Nm (678.6 lb-ft). Thanks to new battery cells, the range "could be more than doubled compared to the first version", the company notes, adding that "it is now more than 450 kilometres (279.6 mi)".

The e-tron's T-shaped battery pack is structurally integrated into the central tunnel and behind the occupant cell. Audi produces the high-voltage battery itself, based on a newly developed lithium-ion technology. In comparison to the first 'technology platform', the battery capacity has grown from 49kWh to approximately 92kWh. 

The e-tron is fitted with Audi's Combined Charging System (CCS). This allows charging with direct and alternating current. Using this system, it is possible to fully charge the battery in "significantly less than two hours".

The R8 e-tron 2.0 accelerates from 0 to 100km/h (62.1 mph) in 3.9 seconds on its way to an electronically restricted top speed of 210km/h (130.5 mph) or 250km/h (155.3 mph). Audi's media release does not explain why there are two quoted top speeds.

The R8 e-tron will be available to special order from later in 2015.