Electric Vehicles in Utilities - Thematic Research

Electric Vehicles in Utilities - Thematic Research

Published: October 2019
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E-mobility pick up at a rapid pace
Today, there are 5m electric vehicles (EVs) on the world’s roads, up 2m from 2018, with China in the leading position in terms of the largest EV market, followed by Europe and the US. Large scale commercial production of EVs by the big car makers is unlikely to take off until 2025.

Technological advancements are leading to substantial cuts in battery prices, with major enablers being R&D in battery chemistry and scaling up of battery production for EVs in manufacturing plant. The fall in battery prices is essentially due to the increased economies of scale created by a booming EV market.

Battery manufacturing is also witnessing transitions, involving investments into increasing production. Power utilities, EV charging point operators, automakers, and EV charging hardware manufacturers, along with other auto industry stakeholders are also supporting increased investment into EV charging infrastructure.

Power companies are showing increased interest in EV programs
Utility programs are offering discounts and rebates on the purchase of EVs or charging equipment, free smart charge installation, along with EV time-of-use plans (on-peak and off-peak rate plans) for EV owners.

Power utilities are collaborating with EV manufacturers for boosting their offerings in areas such as EV charging, V2G services, energy storage and renewable energy sources.


• This report focuses on electric vehicles in power utilities.
• It identifies winners and losers in areas such as batteries, assembly, and charging stations.
• It contains key trends in the automobile industry over the next five years as the electric vehicle theme develops.
• It contains growth forecasts for electric vehicles, electric vehicle supply equipment deployment plans, and major mergers and acquisitions in the electric vehicle sector.
• Includes a timeline highlighting key milestones in the story of vehicle electrification.
• It identifies the impact of electric vehicles on power utilities.

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• Electric vehicles are having a major disruptive effect on the automobile industry. This report highlights the key trends in electric vehicles, analyzes each of the key segments of the electric vehicle value chain, identifies both the companies best positioned to succeed in this theme and those that are lagging behind, and also identifies the impact of electric vehicles on power utilities.

Price: $1950.00

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