January 2018 management briefing - CES

January 2018 management briefing - CES

January gets the new year started with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at Las Vegas - increasingly important in automotive. We were there to provide analysis of advanced technologies and innovations.

Suppliers use CES to showcase Level 3-4 autonomous driving technologies

29 Jan 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Self-driving cars have been talked about for decades. The earliest representation of such a car appeared way back at the 1939 World’s Fair where GM depicted electric cars powered by circuits embedded in the roadway and controlled by radio. Fast-forward to the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and autonomous driving looks set to become a reality. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of research snapshots, this one focuses on some of those suppliers exhibiting AV technologies at the CES.

CES - How Samsung is shaping the future of autonomous driving

29 Jan 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Samsung Electronics recently established the Samsung Automotive Innovation Fund, a $300-million fund focused on connected car and autonomous technologies. In addition to the fund, Harman, a Samsung subsidiary, has established an autonomous/ADAS business unit which works with the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Centre Smart Machines team to develop technologies for safer, smarter, connected vehicles. To learn more, we met with Dave Anderson, director of technology, Smart Machines, Strategy & Innovation Centre, Samsung Electronics.

CES - Harman VP on cool car audio trends

23 Jan 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Since Harman was acquired by Samsung for US$8bn last year, it has evolved into an even bigger audio powerhouse. During the most recent CES, Harman took over the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and filled its conference rooms with the very latest in-car audio equipment. We sat down with Bill Wyman, Harman’s VP of global marketing for Car Audio, to learn more about its showcase and some current trends in the car audio marketplace.

CES - Zenuity on making autonomous driving a reality

18 Jan 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Zenuity was formed a year ago as a joint venture of Volvo and Autoliv. Its mission is to help transform the auto industry into the autonomous age by creating and delivering leading advanced driver assistance, automated driving, and cloud-based automotive software. The company is working on developing universal autonomous driving technology that emphasises safety and security. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews at CES, we met with Dennis Nobelius, Zenuity's president to learn more about the company’s progress to date.

CES - Harman EVP on the next level of car connectivity

17 Jan 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Just under a year ago, Harman International became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, the pair have already leveraged their combined teams and resources to drive future mobility forward. They used the most recent CES to reveal a variety of novel connected car solutions that support their joint mission to become the leader in connectivity and autonomous driving: connecting the lives of people, whether at home, on the go, or together in the car. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews at CES, we sat down with Mike Peters, executive vice president and president, Connected Car, Harman to learn more about the company’s showcase.

CES – Luxoft on digital cockpit, autonomous driving and connected mobility services

16 Jan 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Luxoft, a global IT service provider, used the most recent CES to demonstrate its latest digital cockpit, autonomous driving and connected mobility services. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews at the CES, we caught up with Mikael Soderberg, Senior Director, Technology Strategy and Przemek Berendt, Vice President of Global Marketing, Luxoft to learn more.

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