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Charged For Recovery

Issue 07 - September 2020

In this issue: We take a look at the burgeoning area of automotive electrification. We consider company strategies, as well as new product and engineering advances as the industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Lightweighting and Sustainability

Issue 06 - June 2020

We take a look at lightweighting and sustainability. The two concepts are interlinked as companies strive for energy efficiency and low CO2. We consider advances in vehicle designs as well as new materials. We also provide a COVID-19 automotive impact summary.

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New systems for enhanced automobile safety

Issue 05 - March 2020

In this, our fifth issue, we take a look at the rapidly changing field of automotive safety systems.

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Automotive industry outlook for 2020

Issue 04 - December 2019

In this, our fourth issue, we take a look at the outlook for the automotive industry in 2020.

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The changing world of car interiors

Issue 3 - September 2019

In this, our third issue we take a close look at the ever-changing world of the automotive interior.

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Electric cars and e-mobility

Issue 2 - June 2019

In this, our second issue we plug into the growing electrification of the automobile.

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Autonomous vehicles

Issue 1 - March 2019

In this, our launch issue, we explore what's at the wheel of the driverless vehicles industry.

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