US: Honda wins hybrid fuel economy lawsuit appeal

11 May 2012 | News | Source: Graeme Roberts

Honda's US unit has won an appeal against a US$10,000 small claims court award to Civic hybrid owner Heather Peters.

Peters had claimed Honda had overstated the fuel economy of its hybrid vehicles which did not achive the fuel economy promised in advertisements, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Superior court Judge Dudley Gray ruled in Honda's favour at the appeal hearing, saying its ads were "not specific promises of anything".

Peters had opted out of a class-action settlement, which would have given around 200,000 owners of Civic hybrids between US$100 and $200 plus a rebate if they chose to buy a new Honda vehicle. Peters decided instead to sue the automaker.

Gray's ruling noted federal regulations governed fuel economy ratings which are posted on vehicles in showrooms as well as claims made in advertisements.

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