AUSTRALIA: Nissan vets prospective Leaf buyers

24 May 2012 | News | Source: Graeme Roberts

Nissan Australia is vetting prospective customers interested in buying a Leaf and ruling out those with no off-street parking at home.

Customers who wish to buy the EV are expected to pass a two-stage approval test, before receiving a certificate to purchase the A$51,500 (US$50,921) vehicle, reported

The two-stage test includes five questions regarding the customer's intended usage for the EV, and a visit to the customer's home by Nissan's electrical supplier, Origin Energy, to check the suitability of the electrical network.

According to James Staveley, Nissan Australia model line manager, the company has already approved approximately 100 people, with another 100 applications currently in process.

Staveley said: "The majority of customers we have declined have been because they don't have off-street parking available to them which we consider essential for a safe and convenient recharging environment."

The A$51,500 package includes a recharging cable with the vehicle but not a A$2,700 recharging station.

"It's the customer's choice but we'd really prefer that people take the option of the recharging station because then we know it's being properly and appropriately installed and minimises the risk of anything going astray," Staveley said.

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