Introduction to Electric Drive Technology

Introduction to electric drive technology

What is ‘electric drive’? We are using the umbrella term to embrace hybrids (mild and full), plug-in hybrids, extended-range electric vehicles (E-REVs) and pure battery electric vehicles (or BEVs). These categories of vehicle have in common the exploitation of electrical energy to drive vehicle wheels for propulsion, though hybrids (and E-REVs if the gasoline engine kicks in on a long journey) achieve that in collaboration with the burning of fossil-fuels.

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Electric drive technology

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Electric drive technology

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

A hybrid electrical vehicle (HEV) is a vehicle equipped with either an internal combustion engine (ICE) and an electrical motor powered by electrical batteries. In 1997, Toyota sold in Japan the first modern hybrid electric car, the Toyota Prius.

Gate Drive Optocouplers for HEV Electric Motor Inverters

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) save fuel because of their electric motor drive. In an HEV, the propulsion system can be configured several ways, for example in the electric motor assisted mode or in the fully electric motor drive mode.

EV Battery Pack Testing in a Manufacturing Environment

Electric vehicles are clearly becoming a growing part of the automotive scene. They promise low or no emissions, conceivably low cost of fuel from the power grid, yet they will continue to deliver us safely from here to there. However, electric vehicle design and manufacturing is a clearly a paradigm shift for the Auto Industry – new drive systems, technologies… and test plans.

Introducing a new research report - Automotive technologies: The UK’s current capability

The research report, Automotive technologies: The UK’s current R&D capability, forms part of a three-phase plan to produce an automotive technology strategy for the UK.

Automotive technologies: the UK’s current capability

In May 2009 the New Automotive Innovation and Growth Team (NAIGT) produced its final report, which included an industry consensus high level Technology Roadmap for meeting the ambitious carbon reduction targets in road transport. This comprised a Common Product Roadmap, and a Common Research Agenda which presented future technologies needed to deliver the Roadmap to the envisaged timescales.

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