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Selling silence

23 March 2021

Israel-based Silentium has developed an active noise cancellation solution capable of lowering unwanted cabin noise peaks by 10dB and overall noise levels by 3-4dB – the equivalent of turning...

New half doors for Jeep Wrangler

26 February 2021

Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) from Mopar is introducing new half doors for the Jeep Wrangler. "The open-air freedom of driving the Jeep Wrangler is a one-of-a-kind experience," said Jim...

Material matters - Challenges of casting EV parts

15 February 2021

As vehicles are developed to meet the low emissions targets set around the world, it isn't just design and functionality which are being stretched: the materials that components are made from are...

Suppliers form Alumobility non-profit

27 January 2021

Aluminium suppliers Constellium and Novelis have launched Alumobility, a non-profit organisation focused on "providing innovative implementation-ready solutions to advance the adoption of...

Renault and Constellium partner on aluminium R&D

15 January 2021

Constellium has announced that it is leading a new R&D initiative in France, Project ISA3. In partnership with Groupe Renault, ESI Group, Institut de Soudure (Welding Institute), and the...

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