DANA Light Vehicle

If you thought AWD technology couldn’t deliver both efficiency and performance, think again.

Although AWD vehicles are known for improving safety and performance, they often create complexity, production cost, and fuel economy challenges for automotive manufacturers.

Dana helps resolve this with an array of driveline solutions for all light vehicles with AWD architectures, including our Spicer® SmartConnect™ AWD system, which automatically connects and disconnects the rear wheels – rapidly, and only as required.

Delivering best-in-class efficiency, this system controls the distribution of torque to the rear wheels in response to current driving conditions. Dana uses proprietary software to meet each OEM’s unique torque commands, providing the flexibility to decide which mode to be in, and when.

Counting decades of expertise as a full systems solution provider, today Dana is bringing next-generation AWD performance to OEMs of passenger cars, crossovers, and vans.

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