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just-auto Plus only US: NHTSA asks Takata to preserve all recalled air-bag inflators

26 February 2015

US: Takata fined $14,000 a day for lack of cooperation

20 February 2015

The US is fining air bag maker Takata US$14,000 per day for failing to cooperate fully with the government investigation into the company's defective airbags, the US transportation secretary said on Friday.

JAPAN: Embattled Honda chief resists removal calls - report

12 February 2015

CEO Takanobu Ito reportedly is resisting calls to remove him as head of Honda Motor and wants to stay on for a another two years to overhaul traditional practices at the carmaker.

JAPAN: Takata to double airbag inflator output

11 February 2015

Takata plans to double production of replacement air bag inflators within six months, according to media reports.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: A European renaissance?

6 February 2015

'Car sales in Europe off to a strong start' is not a headline we've been accustomed to writing much in the last few years but we did, finally, manage it today.

JAPAN: Airbag supplier books 'extraordinary loss' for recalls

5 February 2015

Airbag maker Takata Corporation has booked an 'extraordinary loss' of JPY53.1bn in the thrid quarter, related mostly to costs associated with ongoing inflator recalls affecting 25m vehicles worldwide.

US: Another big airbag recall announced

2 February 2015

The US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx and automakers over the weekend announced a recall of over 2.12m cars to (again) repair airbags that might activate unintentionally.

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Ship shape and not too bent fashion

30 January 2015

We must all be ghouls at heart - the most-read story on just-auto this week: what got bent on the Heogh Osaka, the ship that recently enjoyed an unscheduled port of call on a Southampton sandbank.

US: Safety agency seeks Takata whistleblowers

30 January 2015

The US National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reportedly wants to find whistleblowers with knowledge "of possible defects or any wrongdoing" by airbag maker Takata.

JAPAN: Honda lowers full year profit forecast

30 January 2015

Honda has revised down its full year profit forecast after operating income fell in both the third quarter and first nine months of its fiscal year.

just-auto Plus only JAPAN: Takata wins Best Product of the Year 2014 award for Maxi child seat

29 January 2015

JAPAN: Honda changes new model air bag supplier from Takata - report

26 January 2015

Honda appears to have defected from long time airbag supplier Takata for three planned new models following the inflator recall debacle.

JAPAN: Daicel to boost air bag inflator output to meet demand

21 January 2015

Japan's Daicel Corp has said it would boost production of air bag inflators to meet demand for the part at the heart of rival Takata's quality problems, which have led to the recall of more than 20m vehicles.

JAPAN: Further delay for redesigned Honda Legend launch

5 January 2015

Honda is delaying the start of sales of its redesigned Legend sedan in order to carry out additional checks on its radar safety system and hybrid powertrain.

just-auto Plus only JAPAN: Takata president Stefan Stocker to step down in response to airbag crisis

26 December 2014

December 2014 management briefing: Review of 2014 (1)

23 December 2014

It's still 2014, but not for much longer. In the global automotive business, plenty happened in 2014. Seasoned observer Dave Leggett offers a personal take on some of the year's most significant developments, starting with a look at the overall picture.

US: BMW expands Takata inflator recall nationwide

23 December 2014

BMW has expanded a US regional recall for some vehicles with Taka driver's side air bag inflators to cover the entire country, after other automakers took similar steps.

US: FCA expands airbag inflator replacement to 3.3m older models

22 December 2014

FCA US (Fiat-Chrysler) said it would now replace driver's side air bag inflators in an estimated 3.3m older model vehicles worldwide, in an expansion of an "ongoing regional field action".

THE WEEK THAT WAS: Another year races by

19 December 2014

As someone said to me this week: "The older you get, the faster the years go by." He's not wrong. Where DID 2014 go? The year may be winding down to the Christmas break but things have still been busy in the autobiz.

just-auto Plus only US: Ford expands Takata driver-side airbag inflators recall

19 December 2014

JAPAN: JAMA discusses airbag inflator chemical replacement

18 December 2014

Japan’s automakers are discussing whether drivers should regularly replace the chemicals used to inflate air bags as Takata inflator recalls continue.

US: Takata chief goes on PR offensive with open letter

18 December 2014

Takata has published an open letter from its chief executive officer in US and German newspapers.

JAPAN: CEO says Takata funded to deal with airbag recalls

18 December 2014

Takata has sufficient funds to deal with a global recall that has climbed to about 21m vehicles after five deaths linked to its products, a top company executive told the Nikkei business newspaper.

MEXICO: Nissan, others, recall cars over Takata airbags

18 December 2014

Nissan Motor has recalled over 80,000 vehicles sold in Mexico to check for potential defects stemming from air bags made by Takata.

just-auto Plus only MEXICO: Nissan recalls 84,671 vehicles to check for defective Takata airbags

18 December 2014

JAPAN: Honda conducted its own tests on Takata airbags

17 December 2014

Honda Motor bought used and scrapped cars in Japan to conduct its own tests of Takata airbags after becoming concerned by mounting recalls and frustrated by its supplier's failure to explain why some have exploded, killing five people with shrapnel, a media report said.

CHINA: Honda to recall 553,000 vehicles with Takata airbags

16 December 2014

Honda is now recalling vehicles in China to investigate potential defects with Takata air bags after similar campaigns in the US, Canada and Japan.

US: Mazda to recall 330,000 more vehicles with Takata airbags

16 December 2014

Having said earlier the move was under consideration, Mazda plans to recall 330,000 vehicles in the US equipped with driver side Takata airbag inflators.

JAPAN: Honda and Nissan widen Takata airbag recalls

11 December 2014

Honda and Nissan Motor have now followed Toyota in widening global air bag recalls after one of the devices made by Takata ruptured in a scrapped car in Japan.

just-auto Plus only US: Mazda to expand Takata air bag recall

11 December 2014








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