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just-auto Plus only JAPAN: Nissan to again inspect vehicles with Takata airbags

3 November 2015

USA: Honda latest to recall cars due to airbag defects

2 November 2015

Honda has announced a series of recalls in the US, including around 300,000 Accords and CRVs, due to faulty airbags.

just-auto Plus only AUSTRALIA: Ferrari, Ford, Mitsubishi, Honda, Holden, Audi, Volkswagen announce recalls

19 October 2015

just-auto Plus only CHINA: FAW recalls 280,000 Mazda 6 models for Takata airbag issue

29 September 2015

just-auto Plus only US: NHTSA says 19.2m vehicles still feature defective Takata air bag inflators

2 September 2015

just-auto Plus only JAPAN: Toyota tests airbag inflators made by Nippon Kayaku, Autoliv as alternatives to Takata airbag

26 August 2015

JAPAN [updated]: Toyota testing other suppliers' airbag inflators - report

25 August 2015

Toyota Motor on Tuesday confirmed it was testing airbag inflators made by Autoliv and Nippon Kayaku as possible alternatives to potentially lethal parts supplied by Takata, a media report said.

just-auto Plus only US: NHTSA opens investigation into Honda 2008 Accord for airbag control module failure

24 August 2015

just-auto Plus only JAPAN: Toyota to buy over 13m airbag inflators from Nippon Kayaku - sources

21 August 2015

US: NHTSA probes VW Tiguan on airbag issue

19 August 2015

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has opened an investigation into Volkswagen 2015 Tiguan featuring a Takata airbag, as the airbag may rupture.

just-auto Plus only US: Takata to create awareness about airbag recall via advertising campaign

13 August 2015

JAPAN: Takata airbag causes Nissan fire, injury

10 July 2015

Nissan Motor has revealed a Takata air bag in an SUV had deployed with too much force and caused a fire in a light crash in Japan, the automaker's first such case in the country.

JAPAN: Honda adds 4.5m cars to Takata airbag recall tally

9 July 2015

Honda Motor is recalling yet another 4.5m cars worldwide to replace Takata air bag inflators.

just-auto Plus only JAPAN: Honda to not provide financial help to Takata, says CEO

7 July 2015

just-auto Plus only INDIA: Toyota recalls over 7,100 Corolla sedans with faulty Takata airbags

7 July 2015

JAPAN: No aid to Takata - new Honda chief

6 July 2015

Honda Motor's new chief executive has said the automaker has no plans to provide financial aid to Takata amidst the costly global safety recall that has affected Honda's public image and caused it to restate fiscal 2014/5 profits.

just-auto Plus only INDIA: Nissan recalls 12,000 cars over issue with engine switch and airbags

30 June 2015

US: Mazda to recall 444,907 'Takata inflator' vehicles

29 June 2015

Mazda North American Operations has now detailed the Takata airbag inflator related recall it said earlier it would undertake.

US: Takata suspended safety audits for two years - report

25 June 2015

Takata reportedly stopped safety audits, from 2009 to 2011, at the plants where it makes airbags. The safety audits were suspended in facilities in Moses Lake, Washington and Monclova, Mexico.

RUSSIA: Mercedes/GAZ exercise production caution in unstable market

25 June 2015

Mercedes-Benz says it will not produce more Sprinter vans in Russia than the market demands as partner GAZ also acts cautiously in the current volatile economic environment.

SOUTH KOREA: Ministry orders Takata related recalls

25 June 2015

South Korea's transport ministry said on Thursday it had ordered four automakers to recall 24,808 vehicles that may contain faulty air bags made by Takata , given the possibility of injury to drivers.

just-auto Plus only SOUTH KOREA: Government asks Honda, FCA, Ford, Renault to recall 24,808 vehicles with Takata airbags

25 June 2015

JAPAN: Takata inflator probe 'not progressing well' - CEO

25 June 2015

Takata chief executive Shigehisa Takada has said an internal probe into why the supplier's airbag inflators were failing was not progressing well, as millions of cars continue to be called back to replace the potentially deadly component.

JAPAN: Toyota and Nissan expand Takata airbag recalls worldwide

25 June 2015

Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor Co said on Thursday they would expand a recall previously issued in North America to the rest of the world to replace potentially lethal passenger side air bag inflators made by Takata.

US: FCA using TRW replacements for Takata inflators - report

23 June 2015

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has dumped Takata for TRW to replace driver side airbag inflators, a US media report said.

US: Honda recalls another 2.3m cars for Takata inflator replacement

22 June 2015

Honda is recalling another 2.3m vehicles in the US to replace passenger side front airbags with Takata inflators than potentially could rupture during deployment.

US: Honda confirms eighth Takata fatality

22 June 2015

Honda Motor has confirmed an eighth fatal victim of a ruptured Takata airbag inflator after completing the investigation of a September crash in Los Angeles, a media report said at the weekend.

RUSSIA: Mercedes supply unit committed to stay

18 June 2015

Mercedes-Benz Vans Russia's supply quality control unit says it does not make sense to "go in and out" of the troubled market, which is currently beset by myriad challenges stemming partly from international disapproval of what many see as Moscow's actions in Eastern Ukraine and de facto annexation of Crimea.

US: Toyota expands Takata US airbag recalls

17 June 2015

Toyota has said it will recall almost 1.37m more vehicles in the United States due to potentially defective Takata airbags.

just-auto Plus only US: Toyota Motor Sales expands recall relating to Takata airbag inflators

17 June 2015







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