The new 308 defies Peugeot convention by retaining the number of the previous model. This is part of a new system whereby all future mainstream models will use three digits ending with an eight.

There will be no need for existing crossovers and SUVs to change names when it comes time to replace them. Their four digits ending with an eight will remain (i.e. 3008, 5008). However, if there are replacements for the 207 CC and 807, these will be the 208 CC and 808. Likewise, next year's 107 successor will be the 108, and the existing 208 will be replaced by a model of the same name.

Cars designed especially for mostly lower income markets - the 301 being the obvious one - will continue to distinguished by the three numbers ending in a one.

Peugeot is yet to explain what name will be used for an RCZ successor or the replacements for its light commercials and van-based MPVs such as the Bippee Tepee and Partner Tepee. Due to its low sales, no follow up to the Mitsubishi-supplied iOn electric car is expected.

Author: Glenn Brooks

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