VWs ongoing diesel scandal continued to draw coverage this week

VW's ongoing diesel scandal continued to draw coverage this week

Was Volkswagen's row with two of its suppliers for a week or so, though a relatively small dispute with minor component manufacturers, the giant automaker firing a warning shot across partsmakers' bows? That's a question we posed as last week drew to a close and it's one that attracted many reader eyeballs (as did this follow-up (and this) on VW supplier strategy). So, too, did another issue affecting anyone shipping components or completed cars from Europe to the UK via the shortest route - Calais to Dover. We've published several reports this week here, hereherehere and here with updates expected next week as lorry drivers, supported by Calais businesses and citizens, stage a big protest intended to make the French government do something about the problems posed by the so-called Jungle migrant camp.

Another long-simmering dispute involving Volkswagen surfaced this week as a powerful German union called on the company to engage with the US UAW over representation at its Chattanooga plant in Tennessee. Now the National Labor Relations Board has become involved, with VW threatening a court appeal, it's going to be interesting to see what happens next. Also on the union front: a reminder that Canadian auto workers are about to gather around the table with the Detroit Three - all of whom have plants in Canada - to sort out a new labo(u)r deal.

From our research side we had an interesting, and well-read report on how ADAS technology partnerships are shifting up a gear to make autonomous cars a reality. Also attracting interest: a report on how an Australasian importer has set up to convert to RHD Fiat Chrysler Ram pickup trucks to sell as a premium product on both sides of the Tasman in Australia and New Zealand. As a huge fan of American vehicles, and from one of those markets, j'approve.

It would not have been a week without something on the ongoing recall scandals and we had this, this, this and this on VW's diesel emissions-rigging issue as well as an interesting look at how diesel's share of the European market is falling plus we learned some extraordinary new details about how the Takata exploding airbag inflator saga evolved.

A short week for us, following last week's end-of-summer Bank Holiday Monday. Full shifts await us this coming week, back in the salt mines, so to speak.

Have a good weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy  Editor, just-auto.com

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