The recent announcement of Spyker-owned Saab's potential deal with China's Hawtai, intended to result in Saabs being made in China and a cash injection to keep the Swedish automaker up and running at home, has attracted considerable media attention in China. Here are just two items from the last couple of days on local English language websites we've seen which are worth sharing.

Why the Saab-Hawtai deal is likely to fail (Chinese Car News) and

New Saab 9-5 pops up in China, at a Hawtai dealer.

According to our in-house PLDB expert, Glenn Brooks, "this 9-5 is RHD but I think the pic's been flipped as that brown Hawtai Bolgheri also has its wipers parked on the wrong side for China...

"...[Actually it's] a Hawtai Santa Fe, I should add, not the yet-to-be-launched Bolgheri..."

And, here, Glenn today analyses the deal's possibilities in greater detail.

Our latest news report today is here and more from recent archived stories follows. Enjoy.

Hawtai who?

Saab files with debt office for Hawtai stake

Saab tries to clear air with Beijing Embassy after leaked report

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