Profit, or in some cases, the lack thereof, continued as a recurring theme this week as Q3 results and fiscal variations continued to roll in.

Chief among these were reports from General Motors, news from Ford, Chrysler's results and many others, all handily grouped here, if numbers are your thing.

Speaking of Ford, much recent rumour was laid to rest as we learned that Alan Mulally will remain in charge until 2014 with Americas chief Mark Fields promoted to the reactivated COO post and former Asia chief Joe Hinrichs moving to take up Fields' old job. Don't you dare say musical chairs...

In news from Germany, we learned that VW's start in China, the Santana, aka taxi to the masses, is being revamped and it may seem a bit familiar.

We also heard, from a country with high unemployment, of a shortage of auto engineers, and there was a new Valeo joint venture.

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor,