458 affected by "thermal incidents" aka fires

458 affected by "thermal incidents" aka fires

PR-speak award of the week has to go to The Man From Ferrari, referring to several fires consuming the new 458 as "thermal incidents". Car fires aren't that uncommon, of course, and the score is about five, but Ferraris are such high profile cars that the "incidents" attracted an equally high profile, especially in this age of cellphone videos posted to the internet before the fire brigade has even arrived.

Visteon looks like being close to emerging from bankruptcy, as does 'old GM'. Meanwhile, 'new GM' is, unofficially, planning to start the IPO after the mid-term elections and before Thanksgiving. Meanwhile, the new chief has written to the workforce and the 'whatever happened to?' question about a predecessor was answered.

Fiat plans to re-enter the US are moving on apace and US sales industry-wide took an August tumble. And Volvo started looking for a bit more funding, as well as joining the ACEA in its own right.

Russia showed signs of tightening the tariff screw to encourage more local vehicle production and expansion continued in the Indian components sector.

We had our end-of-summer long weekend a week ago, and now it's America's turn. We trust Earl will stay as far east of the east coast as possible...

Have a good weekend.

Graeme Roberts
Deputy/News Editor

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