Last years restructuring led to better financial results at GM

Last year's restructuring led to better financial results at GM

As the organisers of the CES show in Las Vegas found out last month, there's nothing like a power cut to bring a swift, temporary end to the digital age, at least that plugged into the mains. We had our own local edition today so apologies for the few hours of site outage and related delays today. Wonder if a hydro-electric dam across the local canal is feasible for backup?

Much read this week - future Subaru models, the ever larger BMW X3, a first look at PSA's DS7, a nose inside Kia's Stinger and a look ahead to tomorrrow's connected car cockpit.

From Brazil we learned more about a new VW sedan and a small Ford rising above its station while I learned about some of Audi UK's plans for 2018 and had a long-awaited (and far too short) pedal in the new A8 I first met in bare bodyshell form in Germany.

On the industrial front, we have been keeping an eye on drama at a diesel injector plant in France (earlier report here) and some IG Metall niggle in Germany was settled with the inevitable pay rise.

Financial results continued to ker-ching in from players like JLR, and Denso, Geely's Volvo Cars (nothing like new product to boost the bottom line) while even Mitsubishi, the imprint of Nissan's boot clearly visible on its posterior, climbed back onto the black side of the ledger.  Good results, too, for GM after the pain of 2017, including ridding itself of the European unit.

I trust your lights, unlike ours for some of today, stay on.

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor,