Is Mazdas new 3 saloon really a fastback compared with...

Is Mazda's new 3 'saloon' really a 'fastback' compared with...

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Quick starter for 10: the car that comes first to mind on hearing the word 'fastback' is? In my case: 'classic' mid-1960s Ford Mustang.

Ask Wikipedia and you get: "A fastback is a car body style whose roofline slopes continuously down at the back. The word can also designate the car itself. The style is seen on two-door coupés as well as four-door sedans."

And: "Early European fastback automobiles include: Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic, Tatra T87, Porsche 356, Saab 92/96, Standard Vanguard, GAZ-M20 Pobeda, and Bentley Continental R-Type", the last on that list being an all time favourite of mine.

Wiki continues: "Numerous fastbacks were also made in America, where the style was previously called "torpedo back". They included Cadillac's Series 61 and 62 Club Coupes as well as various models from General Motors [I'd count in the '49 and '50 full-size Chevy sedans and coupe and their divisional siblings], Ford, and Chrysler."

Now comes today's release from Mazda UK: "When the all-new Mazda3 goes on sale in the UK later this year, the model line-up will once again include two bodystyles – hatchback and fastback (saloon body-style)."

A nice saloon, I do see. A variant likely to be just as successful in sedan-preferring markets like the US, Canada and Australia as its predecessor, I also do see.

A fastback, however, I do not.


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