The week's industry highlight undoubtedly was the Geneva show. I wasn't there so, without further ado, let me refer you to our cleverly packaged coverage here and especially the comprehensive reviews just published. Mine's a BMW 3GT, if you're asking.

The big news away from the Swiss product-fest was the restructure of Toyota into four new operating units headed by a new chairman, a reshuffled management deck and its first ever outside board members, including an ex-Magna, ex-GM exec who president Toyoda once worked with at now-defunct NUMMI in California.

We also learned that Ford of Europe will ship the new EcoSPort baby SUV in from India - joining assorted Suzukis, Nissans and Hyundais that already come therefrom - and why the Mondeo is going to be launched so much later than its Stateside Fusion sibling.

Almost lost in all this week's hype about cars few mere mortals will get to buy was some good news from a maker to the millions - Toyota - which is looking like being back in the European black for the first time since 2007.

We also learned how the rise of the 'premium' car is taking a premium audiomaker along for the ride and how Volvo has developed new technology to avoid doing the same with cyclists...

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor,