New car configurator is a game changer

New car configurator is a 'game changer'

Our most-read story on just-auto this week was also an exclusive - all about a game changing car configurator technology that will revolutionise the car buying experience at the point where new car buyers are considering and specifying cars that they will potentially purchase. Audi is the first customer for the new technology that is now being rolled out across its dealers globally.

We also continued our popular Research Snapshot series, this time looking at shock absorbers.

Takata remained in the news for all the wrong reasons - starting with Honda confirming an eighth shrapnel-related death and another 2.3m recalls, Toyota and Nissan recalls expanded globally, a not very promising admission by the lesser spotted Takata chief executive, and Honda's restatement of 2014/15 results as a consequence of extra Takata-related costs. The whole sorry saga to date is covered under one of our Hot Topics here.

While out and about, we've taken a look at Toyota's facelifted Auris and continued a series of reports from Russia.

New technology included Fords which can see around corners while BMW's Mini unveiled a much better redesigned Clubman which takes the brand into new, more premium territory.

And PSA annnounced a new factory - in Morocco.

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts, Deputy Editor,