News this week that Geely is adamant Volvo will retain its identity now the Chinese are in charge and Ford is shot of its Swedish patient. It remains to be seen if we now get Volvo badges on Geely products for Chinese sale but somehow I doubt they'll try that abroad.

Nonetheless the new masters are ambitious. Let's now have a go at top BMW and Mercedes models, shall we? Some industry observers this week suggested getting Volvo integrated, boosting volume of existing models and making some money first might be a more realistic start.

Another former Ford unit also has plans. Indian owned Jaguar told us it will expand its range and we saw a UK magazine report today there might also be another Range Rover model planned on top of the recently announced Evoque, this one a seven-seater. 

The word profit was heard a lot this week. Ok, we know we're comparing against the depths of despair a year ago, and there's been a lot of cost and job-cutting pain to get back here, but profit is profit. The good news came from Magna, tyremaker Bridgestone, safety gear specialist TRW, driveline maker AAM, the interiors specialist Lear, carmaker BMW and another drivetrain specialist, BorgWarner. Nothing like a little black ink to brighten the week.

'Heatwave' is not usually a word one associates with Russia but they're in the midst of one - with the inevitable wildfires more usually associated with tinder-dry Australia or California (parts of which are having the coolest, dampest summer in years). Villages have been burned to the ground, Moscow is shrouded in smoke with its airports closed, the wheat crop is partially ashes and heat, or smoke, has even affected car output. Did someone say 'climate change'?

Have a nice weekend.

Graeme Roberts
Deputy/News Editor