Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo Motor Show

The latest auto show debuts, car launches, manufacturer news and cutting-edge concept cars – brought straight to you from the Tokyo Motor Show by just-auto.

2019 Tokyo motor show - the world premieres

24 Oct 2019 | Glenn Brooks

The following vehicles were world debuts at the 2019 Tokyo motor show.

2017 TOKYO MOTOR SHOW - world debuts

27 Oct 2017 | Glenn Brooks

The following cars and concepts were world premieres at the 2017 Tokyo motor show.

COMMENT - Why Mazda needs the Amati luxury brand

25 Oct 2017 | Glenn Brooks

It's almost 25 years since Mazda shelved Amati, its take on Acura, Infiniti and Lexus. Given that the plans for multiple models and a bespoke W12 engine were not backed up by a rock solid balance sheet, this was the right decision. Now, with its recent concepts effortlessly showing up so many cars from the likes of Ferrari, Aston Martin and Rolls-Royce which lack beauty, it's time for Mazda to think again.

2015 TOKYO SHOW: World premieres

29 Oct 2015 | Glenn Brooks

A list of world premieres at the 2015 Tokyo motor show appears below.

TOKYO SHOW: Lexus reveals fuel cell LF-FC prototype

28 Oct 2015 | Glenn Brooks

The Lexus LF-FC, a 5.3m long concept, has been revealed at the Tokyo show. It not only provides a preview of the next long-wheelbase Lexus LS but a potential hydrogen-fuelled variant for later in the decade.

TOKYO SHOW: Final list of world premieres

26 Nov 2013 | Glenn Brooks

A final update of just-auto's list of concepts and production models which made their debuts at the 2013 Tokyo motor show's 20 & 21 November media preview days.

TOKYO SHOW: Suzuki chief terms minis "vehicles for poor"

21 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

Suzuki chairman Osamu Suzuki has expressed his reluctance to produce a micro sports car, describing minivehicles as "vehicles for the poor".

TOKYO SHOW: Suzuki to launch compact hybrid

21 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

Suzuki plans to launch a compact hybrid vehicle, executive vice president Osamu Honda has said.

TOKYO SHOW: Daimler optimistic despite tax hike

21 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

Daimler is optimistic about its sales in Japan despite the country's scheduled consumption tax hike to 8% from 5% in April next year.

TOKYO SHOW: Nissan rethinks EV target

21 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

The Renault-Nissan alliance has delayed its goal of selling 1.5m electric vehicles world wide by two to three years, Nissan president and chief executive officer Carlos Ghosn said.

TOKYO SHOW: Mazda promises more safety effort after crash

21 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

Mazda Motor president Masamichi Kogai has apologised to the victims of a test drive crash and said the company would redouble efforts to ensure safety of its vehicles.

TOKYO SHOW: From assembly line to COO in 25 years

20 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

The reintroduction of Datsun next year is being masterminded by a man who started his career with Nissan when the company's Sunderland factory in England opened 25 years ago.

TOKYO SHOW: Volvo returns

20 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

Geely's Volvo has returned to the (relocated) Tokyo show after pulling out, along with many other foreign brands, following the global financial crisis, because its local sales have risen.

TOKYO SHOW: Nissan eyes 5m sales record

20 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

Nissan is hoping to celebrate its 80th anniversary this year by reaching a record 5m sales, CEO Carlos Ghosn said in Tokyo.

TOKYO SHOW: VW inches closer to 'one litre car'

20 Nov 2013 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen's promise to one day sell a 'one litre car' - as in fuel needed to cover 100km (60 miles) rather than engine capacity - came a step nearer in Tokyo with the global introduction of the Twin Up.

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