The Wright Stuff

The Wright Stuff

By: Chris Wright

Roving correspondent Chris 'CJ' Wright gets out and about to interview key industry players and also offers his astute opinions on emerging industry trends.

Volvo Cars' Anders Eugensson on strategy – Interview

16 Jun 2016 | Chris Wright

When Volvo announced its 20/20 vision in 2008 - that no one would be killed or seriously injured in one of its cars by the year 2020 - autonomous cars and connectivity were virtually nowhere on the automotive agenda.

Hyundai supplies vehicles for Munich fuel cell car sharing service

13 Jun 2016 | Chris Wright

Hyundai is delivering 50 ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles to the Linde Group in Munich, laying the foundation for what is claimed to be the world's first hydrogen powered zero-emission car sharing service, BeeZero which starts operations in mid-July.

Nissan’s phone man and his connectivity integration challenge

1 Jun 2016 | Chris Wright

It just goes to show how times are changing. A new survey shows just how much our smartphones rule our lives and car buyers admit they can like everything about a new model – the styling, price, fuel economy and how it drives – but will walk out of the showroom if it doesn’t synch with their mobile phone.

Comment - VW 'dieselgate' opens the flood gates

17 May 2016 | Chris Wright

There's an old saying in the UK – you can wait for hours for a bus then two will come along together. It's an analogy that can be placed on many things. How often, for example, do you see or hear about something of which you have never come across before only for it to crop up again within a very short space of time? As soon as some scandal breaks there seems to suddenly be all sorts of people coming forward saying they have been affected.

Comment - diesel emissions 'failures' hardly a surprise

25 Apr 2016 | Chris Wright

Surely it can have come as no surprise that more diesel engines are failing to meet emissions test targets? When the Volkswagen scandal over the so called defeat device broke last year, many in the industry wondered whether this was the tip of an iceberg.

GENEVA - Oh really? Kia COO raises eyebrows with model count

1 Mar 2016 | Chris Wright

Kia's chief operating officer Thomas Oh raised a few eyebrows among journalists - not to mention his own staff - when he announced 98 new or refreshed models within the next four years at his Geneva show press conference.

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