The Week That Was

The Week That Was

By: Graeme Roberts

Deputy/news editor Graeme Roberts' Friday wrap on the important automotive news from the week just ending.

The CASE is building - the week

22 Feb 2019 | Dave Leggett

It's been another week with plenty going on in the auto biz related to the big megatrends, neatly summed up by the CASE acronym (connected, autonomous, shared and electric). Re-arrange that to ACES if you prefer.

Toyota-ing on a sunny Spanish isle - the week

15 Feb 2019 | Graeme Roberts

Highlight of my week was undoubtedly another trip - after several years - to one of my favourite business and leisure spots, the Spanish island of Majorca (aka Mallorca) to which I've been many times both for holidays and new car launches. This time around it was the much improved Toyota Corolla, the model formerly known in Europe as the Auris.

Fiat, weather, results and jobs - the week

8 Feb 2019 | Graeme Roberts

A gimlet eye on Fiat attracted interest this week. "Such has been its shrinkage at home, Italy is no longer the number one market for the Fiat brand. A 20% slide to 323,342 vehicles sold to Italian buyers in 2018 compares to a 13.2% gain in Brazil to 325,726. Is FCA concerned? Not at all.

Talking electricals with Volvo - the week

1 Feb 2019 | Graeme Roberts

Our interview with Volvo Cars on its electrification strategy was a very popular read this week. We spoke to Lex Kerssemakers, senior vice president, Volvo Cars, EMEA, about the Geely-owned automaker's plans.

Ghosn, Ghosn, gone - the week

25 Jan 2019 | Graeme Roberts

The ongoing Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance/Ghosn saga was in the news this week and our story about Nissan's CEO making clear the automaker did not want to move closer to the French partner was the top read for many people.

Ghosn, Brexit and a giant BMW grille - the week

18 Jan 2019 | Dave Leggett

As one of my colleagues remarked, the grille on the just facelifted BMW 7 Series is somewhat reminiscent of the front-end of a basking shark in full plankton filter-feed mode. I'm sure the Chinese will love it anyway (a staggering 44% of all 7 sales last year were in China - which explains the Shanghai roll-out). It was a lighter moment in a week that has had a more serious side on a number of fronts.

Mobile power banks for e-cars - the week

4 Jan 2019 | Dave Leggett

Another annual US light vehicle market over 17m units has been posted, the fourth in a row. 2018's tally was pretty impressive in the end, but there are obviously a few question marks surrounding how things will pan out in 2019. The Chinese market data for December and full-year is awaited with considerable interest.

BMW poaches Audi autonomous driving chief - the week

14 Dec 2018 | Graeme Roberts

News that former Audi automated driving head Alejandro Vukotich would take over as head of BMW Group's driver assistance and autonomous driving development department on 1 January, replacing the retiring Elmar Frickenstein, was a most-read news story this week.

Nosing around inside Jaguar's E-Pace - the week

7 Dec 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Analysis of the Jaguar E-Pace interior was a popular read this week while newshounds were drawn to the awful possibility the latest round of Ford restructuring could cost 25,000 jobs.

Analysis-r-us - the week

30 Nov 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Analysis is a key part of the just-auto offer so it might pay to start this week with mention of a report by one of our, er, analysts on the Thai plug-in hybrid industry.

How the mighty fall - the week

23 Nov 2018 | Graeme Roberts

I'm sure many others - in or observing the autobiz - were as saddened as I was to hear of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance kingpin and Nissan Motor supremo Carlos Ghosn's downfall this week.

Your smart office on the move - the week

2 Nov 2018 | Dave Leggett

I have tried typing from the back seat of a car on quite a few occasions (needs must and all that) and it's not much fun.

Jaguar rethink? Results season starts - the week

26 Oct 2018 | Graeme Roberts

"Will Tata reinvent Jaguar as the new Tesla?" We asked. You read.

Will somebody think of the Brexit? - the week

19 Oct 2018 | Graeme Roberts

"So, how was just-auto's week?" I think "varied" might be the best answer as a wide variety of different articles on many different subjects drew readers' eyeballs over the seven days.

We love Paris in the autumn time - the week

5 Oct 2018 | Graeme Roberts

If it's autumn and not Frankfurt it must be Paris and we have our show coverage packaged in a handy Hot Topic bundle here.

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