The Week That Was

The Week That Was

By: Graeme Roberts

Deputy/news editor Graeme Roberts' Friday wrap on the important automotive news from the week just ending.

Mobile power banks for e-cars - the week

4 Jan 2019 | Dave Leggett

Another annual US light vehicle market over 17m units has been posted, the fourth in a row. 2018's tally was pretty impressive in the end, but there are obviously a few question marks surrounding how things will pan out in 2019. The Chinese market data for December and full-year is awaited with considerable interest.

BMW poaches Audi autonomous driving chief - the week

14 Dec 2018 | Graeme Roberts

News that former Audi automated driving head Alejandro Vukotich would take over as head of BMW Group's driver assistance and autonomous driving development department on 1 January, replacing the retiring Elmar Frickenstein, was a most-read news story this week.

Nosing around inside Jaguar's E-Pace - the week

7 Dec 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Analysis of the Jaguar E-Pace interior was a popular read this week while newshounds were drawn to the awful possibility the latest round of Ford restructuring could cost 25,000 jobs.

Analysis-r-us - the week

30 Nov 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Analysis is a key part of the just-auto offer so it might pay to start this week with mention of a report by one of our, er, analysts on the Thai plug-in hybrid industry.

How the mighty fall - the week

23 Nov 2018 | Graeme Roberts

I'm sure many others - in or observing the autobiz - were as saddened as I was to hear of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance kingpin and Nissan Motor supremo Carlos Ghosn's downfall this week.

Your smart office on the move - the week

2 Nov 2018 | Dave Leggett

I have tried typing from the back seat of a car on quite a few occasions (needs must and all that) and it's not much fun.

Jaguar rethink? Results season starts - the week

26 Oct 2018 | Graeme Roberts

"Will Tata reinvent Jaguar as the new Tesla?" We asked. You read.

Will somebody think of the Brexit? - the week

19 Oct 2018 | Graeme Roberts

"So, how was just-auto's week?" I think "varied" might be the best answer as a wide variety of different articles on many different subjects drew readers' eyeballs over the seven days.

We love Paris in the autumn time - the week

5 Oct 2018 | Graeme Roberts

If it's autumn and not Frankfurt it must be Paris and we have our show coverage packaged in a handy Hot Topic bundle here.

Enthusiastic about Volvo's new XC baby - the week

28 Sep 2018 | Graeme Roberts

My look at Volvo's first small(er) SUV, the XC40 was the most read yarn on just-auto this week. We've had Cross Country (the name is also applied to a train franchise here in the UK) Volvos for years, of course, including both the original XC90 and various beefed-up versions of the wagons the brand is also well known for (latest XC60 just coming out now), but this is the first venture into 40-sized kerb climbers and also the first of the new models on the CMA (Compact Modular Architecture) architecture shared with parent Geely - the bigger brothers are on the SPA (Scalable Product Architecture) platform - which gives the economies of scale needed to make a buck in this segment.

Brexit continues to worry automakers - the week

21 Sep 2018 | Graeme Roberts

News Tata Motors' Jaguar Land Rover would be putting its Jag plant on a three-day week from next month was the most-read article on just-auto this week.

3D metallic printing gains traction - the week

14 Sep 2018 | Graeme Roberts

I'm not usually one for blowing me own hooter but this week's most-read item on just-auto was last week's week, if you get my drift, mostly musing on the former GM Europe brands Opel and Vauxhall, now in the steady hands of PSA. Worth a read - especially the underlying articles - if you missed it.

PSA makes the first big Opel move - the week

7 Sep 2018 | Graeme Roberts

"We don't plan any job losses." How often have you heard that as Company A gobbles up Company B and nervous workers await the almost inevitable axe or, at best, substantial changes to their conditions (and sometimes locations) of employment?

Ford's Brexit frustration - the week

24 Aug 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Ford reportedly telling British politicians it would take "whatever action is needed" to protect its business over Brexit was the most-read story on just-auto this week, as the UK government, six months from the off, finally decided to issue some position papers to various industries outlining what is most likely to happen following an increasingly-likely 'no deal' departure from the EU.

Building another Lexus in the US - the week

10 Aug 2018 | Graeme Roberts

News Toyota's longest-standing 'transplant' facility in Georgetown, Kentucky, had started production of a new Lexus was the top story on just-auto this week.

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