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Our team bring you informed analysis of selected new vehicle models and put them in automotive industry perspective

New SEAT Leon - better than the Golf?

29 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Much rests on the shoulders of the new Leon, SEAT registrations across Europe having dropped by 35% for the year to the end of August, versus the market's 32% (EU-EFTA-UK). The fourth generation of SEAT's best seller has arrived at just the right time then.

ANALYSIS - Skoda Octavia

23 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Twenty years ago this month, a new era began for Škoda as production of the first modern era Octavia began at Mladá Boleslav. Since then, the company's lead plant and several others have produced more than seven million examples over three generations. No pressure then to get the new model exactly right.

ANALYSIS - Toyota Corolla Trek Hybrid

17 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Even with a market collapse for several months, Toyota Motor Europe still managed to sell more than 60,000 Corollas during the first half of 2020. Bringing back the name after two generations of Auris was clearly the right thing to do.

Audi RS 7 Sportback goes mild hybrid

11 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Audi's fastest and most expensive hatchback, now in its second generation, has six hundred horsepower, eight hundred newton metres of torque and can rocket to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.6 seconds. It also now boasts 48-volt electrics, mild hybrid technology and can return in excess of thirty miles per gallon.

ANALYSIS - Honda Jazz Crosstar

27 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Suddenly, new models and electrification are the name of the game for Honda Motor Europe. Now, following on from the updated Civic and the e mini-EV comes a new Jazz range which includes an elevated body style called Crosstar.

up!dated GTI - the bargain baby Volkswagen

25 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

In a world where cars are going digital in ever more ways, the newly revised and soon to be nine years young Volkswagen up! GTI is a breath of fresh analogue air.

ANALYSIS - 2020MY Honda Civic

18 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Big in the USA and China, where it's Honda's best selling car, the Civic is by comparison a far more modest performer in the UK, as is the brand itself. The latest update for the 2SV series hatchback includes multiple refinements and seems to be already helping Honda improve its market share.

MY2020 Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia Quadrifoglio - refined not tamed

14 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Not yet due for mid-cycle facelifts, the Quadrifoglio versions of the Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio have instead been given a package of updates. The changes make what were already two outstanding examples of the engineering strength within Fiat Chrysler even better.

Renault sales triple aided by new Captur

12 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

After the COVID crash decimated its UK market car sales, Renault has staged an exceptional comeback, deliveries shooting up by more than 200 per cent in July. The Clio is a big reason for that, while in the B-SUV segment, the new Captur is much in demand.

G20 and G21 BMW 3 Series diesels go mild hybrid

7 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Eighteen months in since production of the latest 3 Series commenced, BMW continues to tweak its best selling car via additional engines and updates for the operating system. With the addition of the G21 estate to the G20 and China's G28 extended wheelbase Li sedans, the range of body styles is also now complete.

Honda e - finally an electric car to lust after

3 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Retro-cute looks and snazzy interiors are not normally what we associate with Hondas sold in the European region. In that context the new e is revolutionary stuff.

Stinger GT S - is the 168 mph Kia still relevant?

28 Jul 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Soon to reach the mid-point of its life cycle, some would say the Kia Stinger has become something of a glorious anachronism. It's rear-wheel drive, decidedly non-digital, and in GT S form has a high-revving turbo V6 which can push it to an insane top speed.

Tesla who? Renault Zoe becomes Europe's best selling EV

23 Jul 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Last year, Renault gave the Zoe - then six years old - a minor exterior makeover. More importantly, the interior was completely revamped and a bigger battery plus more powerful motor became available. These changes have greatly improved what was already one of the most appealing EVs available in the European region. Now, as a result of lavish government incentive programmes, sales are surging.

Mazda finds the SUV sweet spot with CX-30

17 Jul 2020 | Glenn Brooks

How does Mazda do it? In a world of so many lookalike crossovers, SUVs and cars, the brand's models maintain a consistent, premium appearance. What's more, each is somehow distinctive while the interiors use imaginative shapes and well crafted materials to give a near-BMW feel. The CX-30 is the latest example of these things.

ANALYSIS - Volkswagen T-Roc Cabriolet

24 Jun 2020 | Glenn Brooks

The press launch had to be cancelled due to you-know-what and now, just as the first examples of the T-Roc Cabriolet are turning up at Volkswagen's UK dealerships, journalists are at last able to try the car. A two-door, fabric-top SUV with no four-wheel drive capability sounds like a strange thing yet in practice, it has quite a lot of appeal.

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