OEM product strategy summaries

OEM product strategy summaries

Analysis of major OEM group product strategies by major segment, platform/architecture and future models

ANALYSIS – Alfa Romeo future models

18 Feb 2019 | Mike Vousden

We take a look at the future model strategy for Alfa Romeo – an FCA brand that, despite making some excellent cars in the past, has struggled in recent years to keep up with its German rivals.

FCA reverses Lancia strategy - brand survives

12 Feb 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Remember how Fiat Chrysler told the media and analysts that Lancia would fade away during 2018? Well, it didn't disappear. And, an eight-year model is still outselling the Alfa Romeo range in Italy. What's going on?

Fiat Chrysler gets it right as Abarth just keeps growing

8 Feb 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Fiat Chrysler has done a great job of creating Abarth as a brand, the name having originally coming from the surname of a man with a love for motor racing and fettling Fiats to make them faster. The twin achievements of making Abarth well known and being able to charge high prices for the cars are what stand out.

Fiat is in retreat worldwide - what happens next?

6 Feb 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Such has been its shrinkage at home, Italy is no longer the number one market for the Fiat brand. A 20% slide to 323,342 vehicles sold to Italian buyers in 2018 compares to a 13.2% gain in Brazil to 325,726. Is FCA concerned? Not at all. The company seems happy to observe a planned slide for Fiat worldwide as it instead pushes higher-priced Jeep models.

Will Great Wall sell a million Haval SUVs in 2019?

4 Feb 2019 | Glenn Brooks

As buyers in China moved away from SUVs during 2018, Great Wall Motor’s Haval division, which sells 12 such models, began to suffer more than most. Yet not only is GWM unruffled by the ongoing sales slide, it is ploughing on with investments in multiple future models.

ANALYSIS – Great Wall, Wey and Ora future models

31 Jan 2019 | Mike Vousden

We break down the future model strategies for Great Wall and two of its newest subsidiaries, Wey and Ora. Great Wall will be focusing on pickup trucks while Wey and Ora will focus on passenger vehicles.

Bentley, Lamborghini and Bugatti - the future vehicles

28 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

As Volkswagen doesn't publicise numbers for Bugatti, the division's performance isn't easily quantifiable. Not so for Bentley, something which the brand might wish was the case after its losses were recently highlighted as unacceptable by members of the Porsche and Piech families. Lamborghini will therefore be relieved to have gone into 2019 with record results and long waiting lists. Their here and now might be disparate but what does the future hold for each of these three brands?

ANALYSIS - Porsche future models

23 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

As Porsche terms it, 2018 saw "a new peak in deliveries". The quarter million mark was exceeded, the year on year gain being four per cent. WLTP was, and continues to be, a major problem for the company though, European sales having crashed in recent months.

Audi future EVs - should Elon fear e-tron?

22 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

The first in two features which cover what Audi is up to worldwide looked at the division's current and next generation cars. The second of the two now turns not only to what's ahead to fill out the Q1 to Q9 range of SUVs but also examines the strategy for expanding the line of e-tron electrified vehicles.

Future Audi cars - the fightback begins

21 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Even with the downturn in China, Audi still sold over 575,000 vehicles in 2018, way more than either Mercedes or BMW. Things are also good in the US, where the brand delivered in excess of 220,000 SUVs and cars. Europe, however, is a disaster. That's due to Volkswagen AG having been ill-prepared for WLTP. Plus, it will take a while yet for all current models to be approved as compliant. What though, is coming down the pipeline in terms of fresh, future models? Lots, is the short answer.

ANALYSIS - Future models for SEAT and Cupra

17 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Buoyed by a young model range and the addition of multiple crossover/SUVs, SEAT made 2018 its best year yet for vehicle sales, finally breaking a record set in 2000. Crucially, the company is making decent money too, something which had eluded it for a long time.

ANALYSIS - Kamiq and other future Skoda models [updated]

14 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Handsomely profitable and with a record 1.253 million vehicles delivered in 2018, the news only keeps getting better for Škoda. The Czech make has built solid foundations on a small number of category-busting cars, most of which sit outside the size norms of conventional segments and sell in big numbers. Its SUVs are now doing the same and more models on the way.

ANALYSIS - Future Volkswagen pick-ups and SUVs

11 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Last year saw Volkswagen adding or replacing a large number of SUVs, especially in China and Europe. This second part of a series which looks at the Volkswagen Group's current and future models now collates what is already on sale with selected highlights of the VW brand's secret crossover, SUV and pick-up plans.

ANALYSIS - Future Volkswagen cars including EVs

10 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

This year will arguably be the most important yet for Volkswagen Passenger Cars. Details of specific collaboration plans with Ford will be announced, possibly as soon as next week's Detroit auto show.

Dongfeng Motor future vehicles

2 Jan 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Even though full-year numbers aren't yet in, it's fair to say Dongfeng didn't have the best 2018. As at 30 November, Chinese market deliveries numbered 401,346, ranking it below Roewe, but even with a 49% drop for that month, it was at least a stronger performer than either Beijing Auto or Chery Auto.

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