OEM product strategy summaries

OEM product strategy summaries

Analysis of major OEM group product strategies by major segment, platform/architecture and future models

Five years after its revival - what next for Datsun?

23 May 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Nissan brought back Datsun in 2014 as a brand specialising in small, cheap models for lower income countries. Since then, Datsun has been rolled out to 14 markets, with India, Indonesia, South Africa, Russia and Kazakhstan being the main ones. Nissan's next challenge is to launch a second generation of models, the first of which should begin in 18 months' time.

AvtoVAZ to reinvigorate Lada with new models

21 May 2019 | Glenn Brooks

A flat Russian market is failing to hold back the growth of Lada which, with a 22% share, is way ahead of number two make Kia. Crucially, Renault is putting in more money to maintain the momentum and various new models are not far away from release.

Will future models save sinking Renault Samsung?

20 May 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Last month, its deliveries numbering only 6,175 vehicles, Renault Samsung slid down the Korean sales chart even further, dropping to position seven behind Genesis. What will majority shareholder (80%) Groupe Renault do about its subsidiary's worrying decline?

Can Dacia remain the darling of Groupe Renault?

15 May 2019 | Glenn Brooks

According to Groupe Renault, the global market for passenger cars and light commercials fell by 7.2 per cent in Q1. Happily for Dacia, its volumes rose by the same percentage, deliveries hitting 184,042 units.

Renault and Alpine future models

13 May 2019 | Glenn Brooks

As Renault approaches mid-year and its AGM on 12 June, the group is in good shape. The first quarter was a strong one for the company's namesake brand and the new product pipeline is brim with fresh models due out very soon, the fifth generation Clio being the most important of those.

Soueast, Dearcc and Enovate future models

7 May 2019 | Glenn Brooks

For years, Southeast Motor had a successful business building Mitsubishi-based vehicles in China. Now, amidst tough trading conditions, this small OEM is experiencing a major downturn. Will the addition of the Dearcc and Enovate EV brands be enough to turn things around?

Borgward aims to strengthen revival with future SUVs

2 May 2019 | Glenn Brooks

A well funded revival of this once dormant German make initially saw Borgward going from nowhere to huge popularity in China. Alas, the early success was not to last and the brand crashed to earth in 2018. Now with a new owner, sales are rising once more and fresh models are on the way.

What the future holds for Zotye and Traum

1 May 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Zotye Auto, infamous as a supposed cloner of other OEMs' models, has been steadily building up a range of vehicles. Moderately successful in its native China as well as in certain export markets, the company has several brands and will from next year be a partner of Ford, supplying its much larger rival with an EV.

Chery, Cowin, Karry, Jetour and Exeed future models

29 Apr 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Chery Auto is bucking the trend and doing very well in the Chinese market while rival state-run OEMs flounder. Its secret? The new Jetour brand, soon be joined by another, Exeed. This report examines the model ranges and looks at future vehicles for the Chery, Cowin and Karry divisions too.

GAC Guangzhou Auto future models

25 Apr 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Guangzhou Auto is enduring a tough 2019. While its JVs with Honda, Toyota, FCA and Mitsubishi are strong, the performance of the GAC Trumpchi brand isn't what it could be. Not that that has deterred the company from investing in future models.

Can new owner fix ailing Qoros with fresh models?

23 Apr 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Last year was a trying one for Qoros with only 64,200 cars delivered to buyers in China, the brand's largest market. The first quarter has been far, far worse, with wholesale deliveries amounting to a mere 824 vehicles. There has been a cash infusion from the new owner but clearly, new models are an urgent requirement.

BYD surges ahead of Mercedes and Toyota in China

18 Apr 2019 | Glenn Brooks

BYD only just scrapes into the top 20 makes list of the Chinese market but it remains the number one in New Energy passenger vehicles. The brand offers a broad line-up of EVs and PHEVs and with more to be added this year, may remain in the lead even as rivals add ever more electrified models.

FAW begins premium push with Hongqi and Bestune

9 Apr 2019 | Glenn Brooks

FAW seems content to see its own brand slide rapidly in China but the opposite is happening with two of its other divisions. Bestune, renamed from Besturn, is flourishing, as is Hongqi and there are some intriguing future models not too far away.

ANALYSIS - Kia future models

2 Apr 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Kia Motors might be the official number two brand in the Hyundai Motor Group empire yet it doesn't always behave that way, outselling Hyundai in many countries and gaining on the H-logo brand in others.

Genesis plunges - can Hyundai luxury brand recover?

27 Mar 2019 | Glenn Brooks

It started as an experiment. Would Hyundai succeed as a maker of high priced cars outside its home base? Too soon to say would be the most accurate answer. That's if sales volume of at first Hyundai Genesis cars and now Genesis cars is the only measure of success.

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