OEM product strategy summaries

OEM product strategy summaries

Analysis of major OEM group product strategies by major segment, platform/architecture and future models

General Motors future models - Holden

17 Sep 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Once the number one make in Australia, Holden now mostly dwells in position number nine. In August, sales dropped by 18 per cent, almost double the market average. Had Subaru sold just 17 more cars, Holden would have been pushed into tenth place. A new Trax is set to land locally in 2020 but other than this small SUV, the future product cupboard is looking fairly bare, at least in the short term.

General Motors future models - Cadillac

16 Sep 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Stung by criticism that Cadillac wasn't offering the right luxury vehicles for shifting customer preferences in China and North America, GM has thrown much money at the division and infused it with fresh thinking. Suddenly, no-one can say there are too many big cars but too few SUVs. The CT4 and CT5 sedans will soon be rolling into showrooms, an elegant next generation Escalade is now just months away from being revealed, while the 2020s will bring an electric SUV and many other novelties.

General Motors future models - Buick

11 Sep 2019 | Glenn Brooks

A relatively small brand in North America, Buick is a big deal in China, where 432,264 vehicles were sold in the first half of the year (compared to 107,240 in the USA). Which is why talk of GM phasing out Buick cars won’t happen, at least not in its number one market.

General Motors future models - GMC

9 Sep 2019 | Glenn Brooks

For a long time, not even General Motors itself seemed to know just what GMC was meant to be other than an alternative to Chevrolet when it came to light trucks in North America and the Middle East. The brand has lately become more premium, more rugged and in many ways, GM's all-American answer to Jeep, albeit without the smaller vehicles.

General Motors future models - Chevrolet SUVs & pick-ups

2 Sep 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Chevrolet remains the strong number three make in the USA, some 64,000 units behind Toyota in the first half of 2019 (GM has stopped reporting monthly sales). China, the brand's other major market, is a different story, with Chevy ending H1 in eighteenth place. Which explains why GM's number one global division is adding so many SUVs in North America and China, while also making plans to fight back against FCA's Ram 1500, which has taken second place from the Silverado pick-up in the US market.

General Motors future models - Chevrolet cars

28 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

General Motors has pulled Chevrolet out of many markets in recent years yet the brand remains strong in the Americas, particularly the USA and Brazil. In the second of those two countries, small cars are the reason why Chevy is the number one make, while in China sedans are a big part of SAIC GM's ongoing success.

General Motors future models - SGMW Wuling

27 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

When it comes to light commercials, Wuling is far and away the Chinese market leader. The brand, which is controlled by the SAIC, General Motors and Wuling Motors joint venture, has until recently also been wildly successful with a range of affordable MPVs. SGMW has expanded outside China and added SUVs yet Wuling is still in trouble. The question is, will things turn around once several overdue fresh models begin to appear in 2020?

General Motors future models - SGMW Baojun

22 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Only a year ago, SAIC GM Wuling's Baojun division was riding high, shooting up the Chinese market for passenger vehicles into seventh place. Now, sales have collapsed to such an extent that Baojun had crashed to fourteenth place in wholesale deliveries for 2019 at the end of July. The three partners have hit the reset button with plans for a range of stylish new SUVs, hoping that this will lead to a reversal of fortune.

Aston Martin Lagonda future models

19 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Aston Martin Lagonda's recent announcement that it no longer expects a GBP20m payment for IP from Detroit Electric sent the share price into a steep decline. Speculators continue to short the company, with many seeing GBP850m of net debt and lease liabilities as a major concern. AML is determined to ride out the current financial storm though, trusting in a business plan which includes several high priced future models.

BMW AG future models - Mini and Rolls-Royce

13 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Having expanded the Mini range earlier this decade, BMW says its aim is now to fully focus on profitability. Deliveries dipped by 3.9 per cent in the first half of 2019 to 174,344 units. Considering the steep fall of the Chinese market that's a good result. As for Rolls-Royce, a record 2018 may even be beaten in 2019, the total for H1 being 2,534 cars, a year-on-year surge of +42.3 per cent.

BMW AG future models - BMW i

12 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

The penultimate feature in the BMW AG future models series takes a look at BMW i. At the moment, only the I01 i3, I12 i8 Coupe and I15 i8 Roadster exist but that will soon change, as more fully electric and plug-in hybrid models are added. At least one hydrogen fuel cell model is said to be in the planning stages too.

BMW AG future models - BMW M cars and SUVs

8 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

BMW doesn't have nearly as broad a range of M models as Mercedes-AMG. What it lacks in line-up, Motorsport division makes up via powertrain choices, with super-torquey diesels offered in relevant countries in addition to the high-power petrol alternatives. Why Daimler hasn't aped this strategy - as Audi has with its S and RS TDI cars and SUVs - is a mystery.

BMW Group future models - BMW SUVs

7 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

It would be fair to summise that BMW AG makes the majority of its profts from sales of SUVs. Former gaps in the numbers line-up have been filled by the X2 and X4 and the range extended at the top end by the X7. The company has also become especially good at bringing down life cycles, as the imminent arrival of the G06 X6 shows, just five years after the launch of the outgoing F16 second generation model.

BMW Group future models - BMW cars

5 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

Profits might be down but there is no doubting the sales success of BMW AG. Cars, not so important in the US market, remain a major part of BMW's growth in Europe and China. The G20 3 Series is this year's stand-out product, particularly in Germany. With the G21 3 Series Touring plus a steady flow of many other new models imminent, Mercedes and Audi have much to worry about.

McLaren Automotive future models

1 Aug 2019 | Glenn Brooks

McLaren Automotive promises eighteen fresh cars by the end of 2025, the fourth of which is due to go into production within months. Eight years on from the arrival of the MP4-12C, this plucky English supercar maker should sell in excess of 4,000 vehicles for the second year in succession. A stated goal of 6,000 a year by mid-decade may soon be not quite ambitious enough.

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