OEM product strategy summaries

OEM product strategy summaries

Analysis of major OEM group product strategies by major segment, platform/architecture and future models

Jaguar future models

24 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

The leaping cat brand saw its EU-EFTA-UK sales halve to 24,389 during the year to the end of August. Data for North America are no longer made public while things still aren't good in China (12,024 YtD, -24%). What to do about Jaguar? That's a question that new CEO Thierry Bolloré will be wrestling with right now.

Tata Motors future models

21 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Until recently, Tata seemed to be the main victim as the likes of Hyundai, Kia and MG gained ground in a recovering Indian market. Suddenly though, things have taken a dramatic turn for the better. Can that be maintained?

Acura future models

17 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Acura has so much going for it yet it can't quite seem to break through with luxury car buyers in the same way that Lexus has, particularly in China, not to mention the big three German makes. And why it remains absent from Japan is an ongoing mystery.

Honda future models

14 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Thanks to its sales and production records being broken in China, Honda has been able to offset troubled times both at home and in North America. Profits for fiscal 2020-21 will of course be deeply impacted by the Coronavirus, yet that isn't greatly affecting investments in all manner of new models due out later this decade.

SAIC future models - MG

8 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

China is where MG does best yet this is becoming ever more of a global brand. India and Thailand are steadily becoming high-growth territories, market share is above one per cent and rising in the UK, while a return to selected EU and EFTA countries is also underway. There is much new product to come too.

SAIC future models - Roewe

7 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

SAIC's best performing own brand continues to be Roewe, a division created just shy of 15 years ago. Mostly restricted to China, the model range continues to be expanded, with a handful of new vehicles still to be launched this year.

SAIC future models - Maxus and LDV

3 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Commercial vehicles are having a stonking year in China, sales surging as provincial government lavish cash upon infrastructure projects and small businesses also invest in new vans. SAIC, via its Maxus brand, is one of the many winners from this, the LCV market more than doubling in July.

GM future models - Cadillac

1 Sep 2020 | Glenn Brooks

The ELR lasted a little more than two years, too-high pricing being the main reason why the brand's first electrified car was axed in 2016. Now though as battery chemistry advances, General Motors is pushing Cadillac into the era of more affordable models, only this time with full electrification. And apart from the Escalade, change is coming for the marque's model names too.

GM future models - Buick

26 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Buick continues to be General Motors' number one brand in the world's largest market. Whereas in North America this will soon be a division selling only SUVs once imports of the Opel-built Regal end, in China, there are cars, MPVs and EVs in addition to multiple SUVs. What's more, GM and its partner SAIC have no intention of slowing down the pace of additional model launches.

GM future models - GMC and Hummer

24 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

We're just over a year away from the return of Hummer, although it will be much changed from what went before. While these will be big vehicles - a pick-up and an SUV - each will be electric, and the brand folded into GMC. That division also has electrified vehicles in its future but before then, the money to pay for their development has to be earned by new and next generation gasoline and diesel vans, pick-ups and SUVs.

GM future models - Chevrolet crossovers and SUVs

19 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Many tend to think of Chevy SUVs as mostly big beasts, although the best seller in both the USA and China is the RAV4-sized Equinox. Now, having withdrawn the brand from certain countries in Africa and Asia, GM via its SGMW Chinese joint venture is increasingly rolling out more Chevrolet crossovers and SUVs for multiple markets in the Americas and Middle East.

GM future models - Chevrolet cars and pick-ups

17 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Chevrolet's best sellers in its two largest markets couldn't be more different, the Monza sedan being in great demand from buyers in China while Americans show no sign of falling out of love with the Silverado pick-up (and multiple SUVs). Due to these factors and the success of Chevy small cars in Brazil, GM will continue developing and expanding what is one of the most diverse arrays of models offered by any automotive brand.

GM future models - Wuling goes electric

11 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Exceedingly strong in light commercials, SGMW's Wuling brand is also a force to be reckoned with in MPVs. The division is also beginning an expansion from the functional vehicles of the past and present, as witnessed by a series of concepts which have hinted strongly at what's coming for Wuling in the 2020s.

GM future models - Baojun bounce back?

10 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

Knocked for six by COVID-19, SAIC, General Motors and Wuling Motors' Baojun brand is not only back on its feet but many delayed new models will soon be launched. The fourth quarter and 2021 could see this affordable brand staging a major comeback in China.

Future models - Aston Martin Lagonda

6 Aug 2020 | Glenn Brooks

The first half of 2020 should have been a stand-out time for Aston Martin Lagonda, following the opening of a new factory and the arrival of the company's first SUV. Instead, sales took a dive in almost all markets, the share price collapsed and Andy Palmer was replaced as CEO. New boss Tobias Moers has much to do but at least in terms of future models, there is much in the works.

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