OEM product strategy summaries

OEM product strategy summaries

Analysis of major OEM group product strategies by major segment, platform/architecture and future models

Project G20 and other key cars in BMW's future

14 Aug 2018 | Glenn Brooks

BMW AG is the next OEM in just-auto's future models series. First up it's BMW cars. This includes e plug-in hybrids but no i models: these will feature in a separate piece.

Project BP23 Speedtail and future McLaren cars

9 Aug 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Only last month, McLaren Automotive announced a shake-up of its former Track22 business strategy, extending the programme to the end of 2025. So it's the perfect time to take a fresh look at the company's plans for the next seven years.

Future vehicles - Mercedes-Benz EQ electrified models

7 Aug 2018 | Glenn Brooks

A series which examines the existing and next models for Daimler's passenger vehicle divisions now concludes with a look at what's coming for the EQ sub-brand. This follows recent features on Denza, smart, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Benz cars, Mercedes-Benz SUVs and Mercedes-AMG models.

Daimler future models - Mercedes-AMG cars and SUVs

3 Aug 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Following a recently published walk through the ranges of current and future Denza, smart, Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Benz cars and Mercedes-Benz SUVs, it is now the turn for Mercedes-AMG. An exploration of EQ electrified models to be published later in August will be the last in the Daimler series.

Future models - Mercedes-Benz SUVs

31 Jul 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Following a recently published look at current and future Mercedes-Benz passenger cars, now comes a round-up of what's ahead for SUVs and the X-Class pick-up. This series, which has also looked at Denza, smart and Mercedes-Maybach, will next turn to Mercedes-AMG, and then finish with an exploration of EQ electrified models.

Future models - Mercedes-Benz cars

27 Jul 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The latest car maker to have its current and future models scutinised is Daimler AG. Following a recently published look at Mercedes-Maybach, Denza and smart; now comes a round-up of what's ahead for Mercedes passenger cars; to be followed by SUVs and the X-Class pick-up; with the series to be rounded out by a focus on EQ electrified models.

Future models - Mercedes-Maybach, Denza and smart

26 Jul 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The focus of just-auto's series which examines OEMs' current and future models now turns to Daimler. Mercedes-Maybach, Denza and smart comprise the first chapter; to be followed by Mercedes-Benz passenger cars; SUVs and the X-Class pick-up; and finally, EQ electrified models.

Proton under Geely - the future models

19 Jul 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The final Geely group brand to have its current future passenger vehicles assessed is Proton. Due to unremarkable cars, a home nation where the annual market remains well below three quarters of a million vehicles and poor marketing in the few countries it has tried to export to, the formerly state-run firm is a lacklustre operation. Could a cash infusion and a management shake-up transform the firm?

Lotus under Geely - what's the plan?

17 Jul 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Lotus is something of a curiosity. Like Chrysler, many companies have owned it, only to eventually sell to another firm, usually having sustained substantial losses during the period of control. Will things be different under Geely?

Volvo Cars' Polestar - the future models

6 Jul 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The next make in a series which is looking at the current and future models of Geely Automobile Holdings is Polestar. This follows previous features on Geely and Geely Emgrand as well as Lynk & Co. Volvo Car Group refers to Polestar as its "new electric performance brand".

Geely-Volvo to expand Lynk & Co with secret SUVs

2 Jul 2018 | Glenn Brooks

In this second chapter of an examination of the future models of Geely divisions, the focus turns to Lynk & Co. The start-up brand is doing well in China, its sole market. Although Geely is yet to reveal this, there are now additional plans to extend the brand from a four-model line-up by using the Volvo XC60 and XC90 as the basis for two larger SUVs.

Could Geely become as big as Volkswagen AG?

28 Jun 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Might the Geely group one day become China's number one car maker? Looking at how rapidly it has expanded in recent years, it would be foolish to consider that owner Li Shufu is content with what he already has. The latest series of just-auto's ongoing examination of the world's OEMs now turns to Zhejiang Geely Holding Group (ZGH) and its many car brands.

Groupe PSA future models analysis - Opel-Vauxhall

21 Jun 2018 | Glenn Brooks

A series which has looked at the existing and future models of Groupe PSA - first Peugeot, then Citroën and DS Automobiles - now reaches its final chapter.

Groupe PSA future models analysis - DS Automobiles

19 Jun 2018 | Mike Vousden

This chapter of our analysis series of the divisions of Groupe PSA covers DS Automobiles. It is the third of four features and follows examinations of the future models strategy of Peugeot and Citroën.

Groupe PSA future models analysis - Citroen

15 Jun 2018 | Glenn Brooks

In this second chapter of a series concerning Groupe PSA's divisions, the spotlight turns on Citroën. Unlike Peugeot, which was recently examined, this famous make remains distressed. Sales continue to fall in France even though new models have been steadily flowing during the last 12 months. The picture is equally concerning in many other countries, including China.

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