Hutton's Critique

Hutton's Critique

By: Ray Hutton

Experienced industry writer Ray Hutton looks behind company news to review market trends and company performances in the context of corporate strategies.

COMMENT - Reflections on Marchionne's achievements

18 Jul 2018 | Ray Hutton

In less than six months’ time, Sergio Marchionne’s 14-year reign over the Fiat car business will come to an end. [Please note this article was written prior to Sergio Marchionne's death and also prior to June 21 when his health seriously deteriorated and he was replaced as FCA's CEO - ed]

Is Euro NCAP losing its way? - Comment

1 Mar 2017 | Ray Hutton

Euro NCAP changed consumer attitudes to car safety but is in danger of getting lost in its own complexity, writes Ray Hutton.

Suzuki on the rebound - Analysis

1 Nov 2016 | Ray Hutton

Although it is a relatively small carmaker keen to retain its independence, Suzuki is not averse to cooperating with other automakers and has a long history of doing so. The company recently announced exploratory talks with Toyota over R&D collaboration. Ray Hutton considers Suzuki's strategy.

VW stands back to let Seat and Skoda shine

27 Sep 2016 | Ray Hutton

Not so long ago, in the London Sunday Times, Jeremy Clarkson chose his 10 ‘stinkers’ - the worst cars sold in the UK. With his tongue even more firmly in his cheek than usual, he described the Seat Leon as ‘a nondescript waste of metal’ and the Skoda Superb as having ‘the same amount of soul as a fridge freezer’.

Jaguar and Land Rover – together but different

1 Aug 2016 | Ray Hutton

Separated at dual retailers, Jaguar and Land Rover both benefit from the manufacturer’s increasing autonomy – and the prospect of autonomous vehicles, says Ray Hutton.

Volkswagen counts the cost of 'dieselgate' - Analysis

31 May 2016 | Ray Hutton

Volkswagen Group pushed expected liabilities from the diesel scandal into the 2015 accounts, so that it can make a new start with a new boss and a new organisation, writes Ray Hutton. However, 2016 is shaping up to be a challenging year for the company.

Will Q30 finally establish Infiniti as a premium success?

17 Mar 2016 | Ray Hutton

Can the Mercedes-based Q30 finally establish the premium brand of the Renault-Nissan alliance?

Analysis - Bull market for Lamborghini

9 Feb 2016 | Ray Hutton

The boss moves on as the supercar maker rides high, untouched by the troubles of its owner, writes Ray Hutton.

FCA's Jeep goes around the world - analysis

7 Jan 2016 | Ray Hutton

In 2009, as Chrysler was emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy and Sergio Marchionne moved in to take control, no-one expected that, five years later, Jeep would become the star of the combined Fiat and Chrysler ranges.

COMMENT: Land Rover Defender: Death and revival

21 Oct 2015 | Ray Hutton

The replacement for the Defender could be JLR’s greatest challenge, says Ray Hutton

INTERVIEW: PSA Peugeot Citroen CEO Carlos Tavares says recovery is on track

30 Sep 2015 | Ray Hutton

PSA Peugeot Citroen chief executive has a considerable challenge on his hands to forge a successful place in the global market for the company and its three brands - Peugeot, Citroen and DS. He tells Ray Hutton how 'Back in the Race' is bringing results.

COMMENT: McLaren comes of age

30 Jul 2015 | Ray Hutton

Now in its fifth year, McLaren's road car company is a success in its own right. Just as well, given the performance of the Formula 1 team...

COMMENT: The diminution of Fiat

30 Jun 2015 | Ray Hutton

The core brand of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - with a 116-year history of innovation and sales success - is reducing in importance as other parts of FCA go for global growth...

ANALYSIS: Will the XE work for Jaguar?

19 May 2015 | Ray Hutton

Can the XE finally establish Jaguar in the hottest sector of the premium car market? Ray Hutton considers the issues.

ANALYSIS: MG on the road to nowhere

16 Apr 2015 | Ray Hutton

What's in a brand? The Chinese think that being British makes MG special. Here in Britain, the reality is that it must compete in the bargain basement.

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