Golding's Take

Golding's Take

By: Rob Golding

Financial analyst and former city slicker Rob Golding's regular sideways look at the automotive business.

GOLDING'S TAKE: MINI's 'New Original' is bigger, faster, better

14 Mar 2014 | Rob Golding

New MINI Hatch reaction has been very favourable so far.

GOLDING'S TAKE: Dinner with Duncan

25 Feb 2014 | Rob Golding

So to Kettners in London's Soho, an eatery with private rooms much loved by corporate entertainers who want to engage the attention of the Press for a couple of hours.

GOLDING'S TAKE: Rule 1: never let a family run a car company

20 Feb 2014 | Rob Golding

Ford went to a lot of trouble to prove the wisdom of Rule 1 and only when the Ford dynasty and every one of the Henrys were chased out of the power house did the company's full potential emerge.

GOLDING'S TAKE: So farewell then Chevrolet

6 Dec 2013 | Rob Golding

If you want a Chevrolet logo on a Manchester United shirt, be quick, because it might be game over.

GOLDING’S TAKE: The Wraith to the top

12 Sep 2013 | Rob Golding

The first thing I was put straight on about the new Rolls Royce Wraith is that it is not in any car sector.

GOLDING'S TAKE: Marchionne calm, but cutting and mending ahead

30 Apr 2013 | Rob Golding

Sergio Marchionne, the man still in the process of saving Fiat, is a man now with a plan. “Europe is less key to us. We are shifting to markets that are much more rewarding.

GOLDING’S TAKE: Volume or profit? Can Vauxhall and Opel magic up both?

6 Mar 2013 | Rob Golding

General Motors Europe has changed leadership and the leadership has changed strategy.

GOLDING’S TAKE: Ford reports are first; they might also be best…

29 Jan 2013 | Rob Golding

Overcrowded the global car market may be, but the number of car makers determined to snatch a greater share continues to grow.

GOLDING’S TAKE: How to afford being Ford

26 Oct 2012 | Rob Golding

There is an element of lobbying you might think in Ford announcing draconian action other than in the results season.

GOLDING’S TAKE: Jonas and the GM whale

6 Sep 2012 | Rob Golding

Adam Jonas, who is quite tickled that GM should launch a new small car called the Adam, is something of a legend among motor industry analysts for his ability to stimulate…and irritate…the great car makers of the world.

GOLDING’S TAKE: GM profits start to recover… but not for long

3 Aug 2012 | Rob Golding

General Motors executives must wonder whether they will ever be able to wear anything other than the hair shirt.

GOLDING’S TAKE: Three in Fiat's bed better than two?

27 Apr 2012 | Rob Golding

Did it slip out as a random thought? Or did Sergio Marchionne deliberately use Fiat’s first quarter conference call to fly a kite?

April 2012 management briefing: OEM financial summaries (Ford, GM and Fiat-Chrysler)

27 Apr 2012 | Rob Golding

In this month's management briefing, Rob Golding runs his financial rule over the financial position of the automotive industry's major OEMs. In this instalment: Ford, GM and Fiat-Chrysler.

GOLDING’S TAKE: No boasting, very little coasting, at VW

27 Apr 2012 | Rob Golding

There was a time when VW liked to strut around a bit and emphasise its success relative to the competition. But now that rivals have jobs, and even whole factories on the line at risk, it was sensible and sensitive to concentrate on reporting its own results rather than its results relative to others.

GOLDING’S TAKE: Chrysler shock…there is no bad news

27 Apr 2012 | Rob Golding

Remember the basket-case that was Chrysler? Then who do you think Sergio Marchionne can have been describing in yesterday’s webcast eulogy: “We are incredibly satisfied with the first quarter; absolutely outstanding; fired on all cylinders…600,000 cars for the quarter…the target for the year is 2.4m. The outlook is absolutely positive.”

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