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From the Editor

By: Dave Leggett

just-auto editor Dave Leggett's overview of the auto industry, its companies, products and people.

Q&A with Daimler's Ola Källenius on electrification

11 Oct 2017 | Dave Leggett

Ola Källenius, Daimler board member responsible for Group Research at Daimler outlines the major elements of the group's powertrain and electrification strategy.

Could VW axe the up! in Europe?

14 Sep 2017 | Dave Leggett

Small cars can be a headache for vehicle manufacturers. The problem is that model offerings have proliferated at the low-margin small car end of volume carmaker portfolios and it's something that appears to be exercising managers at Volkswagen Group right now.

Despite Brexit, business case strong for BMW's UK Mini investment - ANALYSIS

26 Jul 2017 | Dave Leggett

As BMW confirms that the electric Mini will be built at the Oxford plant in the UK, the decision inevitably raises Brexit questions amid continuing uncertainty over future trade arrangements between the UK and EU. However, it also shows that a strong business case for industrial investment in the UK can be decisive even while that uncertainty persists.

Toyota takes a step back to move forward on mobility

6 Jul 2017 | Dave Leggett

Toyota has acknowledged that the 'mixed experience' of its Grenoble i-Road last mile mobility testing has caused it to 'take a step back' and learn from more conventional carsharing solutions.

Facebook wants deeper auto industry collaboration

5 Jul 2017 | Dave Leggett

Although auto companies are somewhat wary of the increasing corporate power residing in new technology companies and Silicon Valley, along with their transportation space ambitions, social media giant Facebook is stressing that it wants to cooperate with the industry in key technology areas.

People are walking away from diesel and EVs can benefit - Nissan

5 Jul 2017 | Dave Leggett

Ponz Pandikuthira, Nissan Europe's VP for Product Portfolio and Advanced Product Strategy, has said that the poor reputation of diesel is among the factors at work that will help to boost electric vehicle sales in Europe over the next five years.

'World first' claimed on ethical guidelines for automated driving

27 Jun 2017 | Dave Leggett

What and how will tomorrow’s self-driving cars be allowed to decide for themselves? Tasked by the German government, an ethics commission has drawn up guidelines to regulate these questions. Prof. Christoph Lütge, business ethicist at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and member of the commission, explains in which situations technology should not differentiate between children and adults, and why no one should be forced to give up control of their car.

Air quality debate needs to move on from diesel cars - JLR

22 Jun 2017 | Dave Leggett

The debate on air quality in cities has become unhelpfully fixated on diesel cars that are a small part of the overall problem, according to Jeremy Hicks, Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover UK.

BMW's 5 Series Touring works for Europe

15 Jun 2017 | Dave Leggett

BMW's latest - and fifth generation - 5 Series Touring is about to launch on the UK market and comes with a number of technological and design enhancements, including fuel efficiency gains of up to 11% on the last generation.

What does the UK election result mean?

9 Jun 2017 | Dave Leggett

The result of the UK general election raises a number of questions for UK economic prospects and the position of the UK's automotive sector. Dave Leggett offers some thoughts.

Ford opts for presentational change

23 May 2017 | Dave Leggett

The more I look at it, the harder I am finding it to understand the rationale for change at the top of Ford Motor Company. I am concluding, at this point, that it is perhaps more rooted in presentation than substance.

Detroit has investors on its mind - COMMENT

18 May 2017 | Dave Leggett

The automotive business, like others, is subject to economic cycles. It is now ten years since the global economic slowdown - the 'credit crunch' of 2007 - that eventually brought us a much more serious banking crisis in late 2008 and the a pretty severe global recession in 2009.

UK-EU Brexit discord to be expected - COMMENT

2 May 2017 | Dave Leggett

The UK's exit from the European Union (so-called 'Brexit') is going to be a drawn out and complex business.

Tomorrow's winners prepare for change today - COMMENT

25 Apr 2017 | Dave Leggett

How much disruption will the auto industry experience over the next ten years or so? It's a question that many are asking as attempts to sketch out the future of mobility - or, more accurately, urban mobility - gather pace.

Automotive market is 'polarising' - Anand Mahindra

3 Apr 2017 | Dave Leggett

The world's automotive market is drifting towards two separate poles according to Anand Mahindra, the chairman and managing director of Mahindra Group.

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