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Simon has had many years as a business reporter, starting on a local newspaper in the West Midlands and subsequently working in the aviation and drinks industry sectors.

His experience in the aviation field was latterly with Reed Business Information division Air Transport Intelligence, while he was also Paris correspondent for Flight International.

Simon joined just-auto from RBI at the beginning of 2010 and talks on a daily basis to many of the major industry players, particularly on the supplier side and has developed close links with generic component manufacturer bodies. 

These include the European supplier organisation, CLEPA, which, representing five million supply industry workers, is one of the Continent's most significant employers, while its US equivalent, OESA, is of equal importance. 

A fluent French speaker, Simon regularly talks to global actors such as Renault, whose alleged industrial espionage scandal in 2011, rocked both its home country and the company. France is home to myriad suppliers - and industrial disputes - with Simon closely following both as Europe enters a period of major economic turbulence.

Component producers in Thailand were devasted by floods in 2011 and Simon regularly talked to both government representatives and suppliers in a bid to gauge the impact. The ongoing epic saga at Saab has left suppliers owed hundreds of millions of Euros and is a business tale Simon has been following on a daily basis.

Born in Southampton, Simon is stuck with the football team of the same name, having gone through thick and thin, mainly thin, during many years of support.

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Slice Of Warburton

Slice Of Warburton

just-auto business editor Simon Warburton offers up a wide range of views in his distinctive style, informed by daily contact with the global auto industry

Articles by Simon Warburton

“In Russia you never know, but we think it [recovery] will be sustainable because the age of the car parc has increased - Gefco chairman Luc NadalSPIEF 18 - Russia rebound sees Gefco acquire 750 railcars

25 May 2018

Logistics provider, Gefco says a strongly recovering Russian automotive market has led it to acquire 750 railcars to transport growing demand for vehicles in the country.

VW Rus is backing Russia to keep tight customs controls in a bid to tackle illicit goodsSPIEF 18 - VW Rus urges Moscow continue illicit trade fight

25 May 2018

Volkswagen's Russia Group says the country itself does not have an issue when it comes to producing fake goods, but is urging the government to continue to tackle illicit manufacturing being brought in from abroad.

Russia's harsh climate means EVs development is particularly challengingSPIEF 18 - Russia at start of electric road - Renault

25 May 2018

Russia's startling paucity of electric vehicles means it is at the very start of its alternative fuel journey says the country's Renault operation, although government Ministers underline the country "is not California."

France's government is hosting a major automotive summit in Paris to debate the industry's futureFrench Ministers to debate automotive future in Paris

21 May 2018

France's Finance Minister, Bruno Le Maire will participate at a meeting in Paris tomorrow (22 May) to discuss the future of the country's automotive sector.

EC outlines measures to protect businesses in Iran

21 May 2018

European Union (EU) leaders meeting in Sofia have authorised the Commission in Brussels to take steps to protect the interests of companies operating in Iran.

Martinrea opens new Michigan technical centre

21 May 2018

Martinrea has opened its new technical centre located in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

French business confederation MEDEF has established a new contact number for companies with Iran operations concerned about impact of US sanctionsMEDEF sets up hotline for French companies with Iran business

18 May 2018

French business confederation, MEDEF, says it has set up a hotline for companies nervous about what the implications of the US withdrawing from the Vienna Agreement easing sanctions against Iran will be.

Groupe PSA to optimise powertrain design process with new R&D partnership

18 May 2018

Groupe PSA and Ecole Centrale de Nantes have launched an R&D partnership for  powertrain design processes for the group’s future vehicles.

Continental increases its stakes in DigiLens

18 May 2018

Continental is increasing its investment in DigiLens, the Silicon Valley-based holographic waveguide projection technology company.

Constellium expands operations at Decin plant

18 May 2018

Constellium is expanding its operations in Decin, Czech Republic, to support increased demand for aluminium profiles.

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