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Ray Hutton

Ray HuttonBiography

Ray has 40 years’ experience reporting and commentating on the motor industry and its products.

A former editor-in-chief of Autocar, he has been freelance since the 1980s. Long-time clients have included The Sunday Telegraph, The Sunday Times (motoring and business), Car and Driver USA, and Motor Trader magazine. Ray has also contributed to most UK newspapers and many motoring and motor industry publications worldwide. He is the Honorary President of the international Car of the Year Jury, having served 12 years as its executive president.

Author of a number of books, the most recent being Jewels in the Crown: How Tata of India transformed Britain’s Jaguar Land Rover.

Articles by Ray Hutton

The Formentor crossover will be the first stand-alone CupraThe SEAT brand's time has come - Comment

11 July 2019

Ray Hutton says Volkswagen’s Spanish subsidiary has finally defied the doubters to become one of the Europe’s fastest-growing car brands. But SEAT's history illustrates that it wasn't easy...

The charismatic Sergio MarchionneCOMMENT - Reflections on Marchionne's achievements

18 July 2018

In less than six months’ time, Sergio Marchionne’s 14-year reign over the Fiat car business will come to an end. [Please note this article was written prior to Sergio Marchionne's death and also prior to June 21 when his health seriously deteriorated and he was replaced as FCA's CEO - ed]

Rover 100 did not come out well...Is Euro NCAP losing its way? - Comment

1 March 2017

Euro NCAP changed consumer attitudes to car safety but is in danger of getting lost in its own complexity, writes Ray Hutton.

Suzuki is strong in small cars and has a leading presence in IndiaSuzuki on the rebound - Analysis

1 November 2016

Although it is a relatively small carmaker keen to retain its independence, Suzuki is not averse to cooperating with other automakers and has a long history of doing so. The company recently announced exploratory talks with Toyota over R&D collaboration. Ray Hutton considers Suzuki's strategy.

Carlos Ghosn in front of the new fifth generation Micra in Paris last week. The new Micra has the building blocks of autonomous drive, including advanced safety features. It goes on sale in March and includes many firsts for its segment, such as 'Intelligent Emergency Braking' with pedestrian recognition – a first for a Nissan car in Europe. Ghosn raises Nissan Qashqai question-mark for UK

3 October 2016

The manufacturing location for the next generation Nissan Qashqai is an investment decision that will largely be determined by the shape of Brexit and the progress of UK-EU negotiations for the UK’s exit from the EU that will start in 2017. In Paris last week, we heard Renault-Nissan Alliance chief Carlos Ghosn set out his latest thoughts on Brexit and other issues.

Skoda Kodiaq was first glimpsed publicly in camouflage at this summer's Tour de FranceVW stands back to let Seat and Skoda shine

27 September 2016

Not so long ago, in the London Sunday Times, Jeremy Clarkson chose his 10 ‘stinkers’ - the worst cars sold in the UK. With his tongue even more firmly in his cheek than usual, he described the Seat Leon as ‘a nondescript waste of metal’ and the Skoda Superb as having ‘the same amount of soul as a fridge freezer’.

Land River's Terrain-Based Speed Adaption (TBSA) uses cameras to sense bumpy terrain including uneven and undulating surfaces and washboard roads, potholes and even standing water. It can then predict the potential impact of these surfaces on the car’s ride and automatically adjust speed to keep passengers comfortable.Jaguar and Land Rover – together but different

1 August 2016

Separated at dual retailers, Jaguar and Land Rover both benefit from the manufacturer’s increasing autonomy – and the prospect of autonomous vehicles, says Ray Hutton.

Tough job, but someone's got to do it...Volkswagen counts the cost of 'dieselgate' - Analysis

31 May 2016

Volkswagen Group pushed expected liabilities from the diesel scandal into the 2015 accounts, so that it can make a new start with a new boss and a new organisation, writes Ray Hutton. However, 2016 is shaping up to be a challenging year for the company.

Infiniti Q30 is made at Nissan's Sunderland, UK, plantWill Q30 finally establish Infiniti as a premium success?

17 March 2016

Can the Mercedes-based Q30 finally establish the premium brand of the Renault-Nissan alliance?

Stephen Winkelmann was well suited to lead the Lamborghini brand within VW Group; he now moves to AudiAnalysis - Bull market for Lamborghini

9 February 2016

The boss moves on as the supercar maker rides high, untouched by the troubles of its owner, writes Ray Hutton.

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