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From future tech to future models, just-auto business intelligence analyst Mike Vousden is on hand to explain how tomorrow should affect what you do today.

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Is he talking it up?Level 5 fully self-driving cars not due anytime soon

15 July 2020

In widely reported remarks, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk said last week that he believed the electric car company would have "basic functionality" for level 5 vehicle autonomy complete by the end of the year. He was speaking in video comments made at Shanghai's annual World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC). We believe that market-ready level 5 vehicles will not be available for several more years.

There was smoke and mirrors. Now there's also AR and VR.Virtual and augmented reality get COVID-19 boost – should the auto industry embrace this technology?

6 July 2020

Virtual and augmented reality get COVID-19boost –should the auto industry embrace this technology?Virtual reality (VR) and its cousin, augmented reality (AR) were previously niche facets of the gaming industry, but have been growing in popularity since COVID-19 lockdown orders were implemented in many countries as consumers seek out new forms of escapism closer to home. Of the USD300m of non-advertising revenue Facebook reported in Q1 2020, a large proportion of that was driven by the company’s Oculus virtual reality gaming offshoot demonstrating the technology’s growing importance.

Israeli high-tech company Matters won Skoda's competition with its virtual showroom projectSkoda shows how COVID-19 forces sales process rethink

25 June 2020

Automakers are facing the realization that, while lockdown restrictions are beginning to lift in many countries, customers are still reluctant to risk their health by going to a dealership and potentially exposing themselves to infection. To mitigate the problem, Skoda launched a competition to uncover the best digital solution to selling cars in a post-COVID world.

Scrappage incentives - attention turns to Germany and the UK

2 June 2020

Last week, France announced plans to inject more than EUR8bn into its automotive sector. The hope for the European industry is that it's not the only country to act.

Reality check: Wolfsburg is now adjusting output plans to much lower market demandEuropean market slump spooks VW and all OEMs

15 May 2020

Volkswagen is in for a bumpy ride as it tries to return to normality in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. It had begun restarting its Wolfsburg plant – the world’s largest auto manufacturing facility – from 27 April with added precautions to protect its nearly 8,000 staff. However, it has now been forced to pause production of some key models in response to flagging demand for new vehicles in Europe where many are still sheltering to limit the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 will force rethink of shared vehicle hygiene solutions

17 April 2020

The nascent sharing economy will have to work out how to ramp up its hygiene practices in a post-COVID world.

The SEAT ventilator design uses 3D-printed gears and a repurposed windscreen wiper motor from the SEAT Leon, and is made on the Leon subframe assembly lineMapping the auto manufacturers building PPE and medical equipment to battle COVID-19

17 April 2020

Auto companies are rising to the challenge of building vital medical and PPE supplies in the fight against COVID-19. The world is facing a severe shortage of medical equipment as it tackles the novel coronavirus. Existing suppliers only turn out a fraction of the supply needed to combat the virus, so the world is turning to existing large-scale manufacturers to make up the deficit. As GlobalData has noted previously, automotive companies – especially component suppliers – are well placed to pivot to producing medical supplies.

In China, Geely will drop of your new car's keys by droneCOVID-19 will force auto retailers to embrace digital transformation

3 April 2020

Early reports from most countries around the world indicate that auto sales in March have nosedived as efforts to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis begin to bite. With governments issuing stay-at-home orders, dealerships have seen customer footfall drop significantly or dry up altogether leading to markedly reduced auto sales.

Automakers have been quick to secure new credit lines, recognising the magnitude of the financial hit that is comingAutomakers reach for credit lines as crisis bites

31 March 2020

The rapid spread of COVID-19 has caught most of the auto industry on the back foot.

Are suppliers better placed than OEMs to make ventilators?

26 March 2020

COVID-19  has  created  a  sudden  dramatic  need  for  ventilators  in  the world's healthcare  system.

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