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Has Toyota's long game bet on hybrid tech paid off?Toyota’s free hybrid patent licenses - an existential moment

8 April 2019

Ask any random person to name a carmaker offering hybrids, and you’ll surely get back the name Toyota. The hugely profitable carmaker pioneered hybrid-electric powertrain in its 1997 Prius.

SWITZERLAND: Autoneum unveils first half net profit up US$20m to US$33m

23 July 2013

Automotive acoustic and thermal management provider, Autoneum, has posted a first half rise in net profit of CHF19.1 (US$20.4m) to CHF31.3m.

RESEARCH SNAPSHOT: 'Stop-start' systems

25 October 2011

In this extract from just-auto's QUBE research on electric vehicle technologies, we take a quick look at so-called stop-start systems. Do you know, for example, that Mazda's solution does not involve the starter motor or that stop-start has been a non-starter in North America?

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