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Global data of patents can provide insights into technological trends and company strategies; you have to systematically collect it first...Automotive technologies through a patent lens

9 August 2017

Aistemos is an analytics company that specialises in providing a view of the technology and innovation landscape through the lens of patent data. It says that through the use of AI, it has harnessed the worlds patent data to create a source of insights into companies and technology outlooks. In an exclusive article for just-auto, they illustrate an analytics solution designed specifically for those needing competitive intelligence about the automotive technology landscape.

A number of manufacturers have trialled small fleets of fuel cell hydrogen vehicles, but the technology and fuelling infrastructure remains expensiveWhat does the future hold for hydrogen vehicles?

1 August 2017

The prospect of tighter air quality controls is pushing hydrogen fuel cell technology further into the spotlight and helping to drive investment in refuelling stations and other vital infrastructure. But is it too late for this mature area of tech innovation to increase its market share?

Velar is a carefully considered luxury Range Rover for modern timesVelar redefines Range Rover luxury - COMMENT

23 June 2017

Tata-owned premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover is adding, this year, another model to the Range Rover sub-brand's range - the Velar. Hilton Holloway, editor of '5054'  magazine, reflects on the thinking behind the latest Range Rover luxury car and the values of the brand.

Adient's AI17 seating demonstratorRethinking the interior of autonomous vehicles - COMMENT

11 April 2017

Dr Detlef Jürss, Chief Technical Officer of Adient, describes how life on board will change in the vehicle of the future – turning today’s functional interior into a place for work, relaxation, communication, entertainment or even sleep.

The Volvo-Uber project marks a significant step in the automotive business with  a car manufacturer joining forces with a new Silicon Valley-based entrant to the car industry, underlining the way in which the global automotive industry is evolving in response to the advent of new technologies.COMMENT - Successful auto industry collaborations rely on clear IP ownership

7 February 2017

As new business models and new entrants to the personal mobility space gather momentum, automakers are increasingly collaborating with firms outside of the auto industry's established participants. Legal adviser Russell Edson cautions that they should be wary of changing power relationships amid the rising importance of intellectual property (IP) in a dynamic new business landscape. 

UK manufacturers need to start planning for different trade scenarios between UK and the rest of EuropePlanning for life without zero-tariff trading - Analysis

5 December 2016

Whether they like it or not, it seems likely that manufacturers across the UK are heading for a future without zero-tariff trading. Although for many cost increases are inevitable, action can be taken to mitigate this while also bolstering supply chain relationships, writes Richard Gane.

OEMs need to tread carefully in their relationships with suppliers and look to minimise supply chain risksCOMMENT - VW must change its buyer behaviour

24 August 2016

As VW Group wrestles with the cost and other implications of ‘dieselgate’, attention this week was drawn to a dispute between the company and two of its suppliers. If it is looking at its supplier base for cost savings, it will need to act carefully. Richard Gane considers the strategic implications for OEM-supplier relationships.  

ANALYSIS: Supply chain management and the crisis at Toyota

2 February 2010

Is Toyota's much vaunted supply chain management system on the verge of meltdown in the midst of the unfolding quality crisis centred on faulty accelerator pedals? SupplierBusiness reports

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