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Cat DowBiography

Cat Dow is a BA Law and Japanese Honours graduate of Oxford Brookes University. A six-year career in commercial business development for well-known digital technology companies, CNET Networks and Ebay, Inc. built on her extensive knowledge in digital technology. She has managed key brands such as Orange, Siemens, Microsoft, Samsung and Sage, understanding their products in both business and consumer applications. Cat combined her passion for cars as she researched, analysed and assessed complementary partnership opportunities for Gumtree Motors. She now writes about future fuels and automotive innovation. Cat edits the Connected Vehicle Technologies segment of our intelligence and analysis tool, QUBE.

Car connectivity is set to shift the traditional structure of the automotive industry significantly, as collaborations between car manufacturers and telecommunications companies become increasingly interdependent. Cat's considerable understanding in both of these sectors will allow QUBE to be your first port of call to understand the journey, as cars become more a component of our technological ecosystems, rather than simply a mode of transport.

Articles by Cat Dow

Tesla Model SHands-On Tech - Tesla Model S

29 November 2017

Welcome to the second feature in our newest reporting series*. Our Hands-On Tech - HOT - Reports take you through the top-spec connectivity features offered by manufacturers in detail and look to benchmark the connectivity functionality based on various test criteria. This month we take a closer look at the groundbreaking system in the Tesla Model S. As the only manufacturer offering over-the-air (OTA) updates to each one of its vehicles, regardless of the date of purchase, Tesla’s unique approach in the world of connected vehicle technologies sets it apart from the rest.

Kenny HawkQ&A with Mojio CEO, Kenny Hawk

3 November 2017

Software platform developer, Mojio, is set to go from strength to strength, working directly with the mobile carriers to connect our older cars. Cat Dow catches up with Mojio CEO Kenny Hawk on what the team does and its plan for the future.

XC90's Android homescreenHands-on-Tech - Volvo XC90

24 October 2017

Welcome to the first in our newest reporting series*. Our Hands-On Tech, or HOT, Reports take you through the top-spec connectivity features offered by manufacturers in detail and look to benchmark the functionality based on various test criteria. First to be tested, the award-winning Volvo Sensus system, as currently featured in the XC90, XC60 and brand-new XC40, Volvo's first compact SUV.

Kamyar MoinzadehQ&A with Kamyar Moinzadeh, President and CEO, Airbiquity

7 September 2017

Airbiquity is the market-leading provider of connected services for automotive. It’s Choreo platform supports just under eight million cars in over 60 countries across the world and it has recently signed new vehicle subscriptions for Ford, Nissan, FCA, Infiniti and Alpine. Cat Dow caught up with CEO and President Kamyar Moinzadeh to talk about over-the-air updates and future connectivity.

Jan Schroll, Ford of Europe's Supervisor for Connectivity ApplicationFord of Europe on connectivity developments

16 March 2017

Ford is doing much in the Connected Vehicle Technologies space. Its award-winning SYNC 3 system incorporates much of the functionality desired by consumers today. At the Geneva Motor Show, we caught up with Jan Schroll, Ford of Europe’s Supervisor for Connectivity Application, on challenges of integrating connectivity and the road ahead.

The next great device will be your connected carTop things we learned from TU-Automotive Munich 2016 - ANALYSIS

16 December 2016

As we review our notes from this year’s TU-Automotive Europe conference, we look at the most interesting insights as global players strive to bring more safety and security to our roads, via the Internet of Things.

Juergen Daunis, European Sales Director, EriccsonEricsson on the connected car's move to 5G

21 November 2016

TU-Automotive’s connected car conference brought together some major players and highlighted some key trends and concerns as car makers and suppliers battle with this whole new world. Ericsson’s Juergen Daunis, sales director of automotive, shone some light on future of networking. Here he talks to Cat Dow about the move to 5G and beyond.

Dvir Reznik, Senior Marketing Manager, Harman TowersecHarman on dealing with cybersecurity

16 November 2016

While news broke this week that Samsung has acquired automotive technology group, Harman Inc. for US$8 billion, Harman itself had already began to establish itself as a force in the connected car technology sector. To strengthen its presence in January 2016, it acquired Towersec, an Israeli cybersecurity firm, to solidify its position as a Tier 1 supplier in the sector. just-auto's Cat Dow caught up with Dvir Reznik, Senior Marketing Manager of Harman Towersec at TU Automotive Munich 2016 to discuss the developments in cybersecurity and the importance of starting from scratch.

The German engineering giant has a wide range of products that are relevant to the burgeoning 'Internet of Things'Bosch creating proprietary cloud facilities

9 March 2016

Bosch is creating its own proprietary cloud facilities. Announced at its annual Connected World event in Berlin, the German manufacturer will enhance its sensor, software and services portfolio by bringing storage and processing of the data collected in-house.

HERE Automotive on strategies to support autonomous driving

1 February 2016

At the 2016 CES, Cat Dow talked with Floris Van Der Klashorst, vice-president of HERE Automotive. HERE's a creator of connected navigation solutions and since December 2015 has been owned by an alliance of the German automakers Audi, BMW and Daimler.

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