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Bill Cawthon

Bill CawthonBiography

Weekends spent on the factory floor at Dodge Main in Hamtramck gave Bill Cawthon a lifelong interest not only in cars but also in the industry that makes them. He has been writing about both for nearly 20 years, following the latest trends and sales results and putting them in context.

Following his college years and a stint as a radio announcer, Cawthon worked in the electronics industry where, among other things, he got first hand knowledge of the original microprocessors used for engine control in Chrysler and Ford vehicles. He shifted over to the literary side as a technical writer and editor and worked in corporate communications and CRM programs until 2004 when he became a full time writer and editor.

Cawthon long ago abandoned winter for the sunny climes of the Lone Star state and lives in Houston where he also follows the petroleum industry. True to the stereotypical image of the Texan, Bill does own a very small interest in some oil leases that provides sufficient income for the occasional pizza.

Articles by Bill Cawthon

Subaru, which recently built its four millionth vehicle in the US, has now enjoyed 89 consecutive months of sales growth thereApril US vehicle sales deliver a SAAR surprise

2 May 2019

US light vehicle sales dipped again in April, down 2.3% year on year to about 1.33m cars and light trucks. After four months, deliveries are 3% behind the January-April period in 2018. The seasonally adjusted annualised rate (SAAR) slumped to 16.41m units and both total volume and SAAR were well below analysts' forecasts.

FCA's new Jeep Gladiator truck booked its first retail sales in MarchUS March light vehicle sales off slightly but SAAR surprises

3 April 2019

US deliveries of light vehicles were down 3.3% in the first quarter of 2019 as March volume fell 3.2%.

Pickup truck sales were boosted by the Ford Ranger and the brand new Jeep Gladiator picturedUS February light vehicle sales chilled by storms and taxes

4 March 2019

Mother Nature and Uncle Sam put the hurt on US light vehicle sales in February.

Welcome back, small(er) Ford pickup truck. The Ranger, finally on sale in the US again, made a strong debut in JanuaryPolar vortex freezes US sales

4 February 2019

Up until the last week in January, it looked like US light vehicle sales would come in slightly ahead of January 2018.

It was another strong year for FCA and its Jeep brand (Jeep Compass pictured - it hit a US sales record)A lovely holiday gift to US light vehicle sales

4 January 2019

American consumers weren’t deterred by December’s rising interest rates, market turmoil and political shenanigans. Instead they propelled the auto industry to its fourth 17m year.

Jaguar Land Rover's US Land and Range Rover line enjoyed a record NovemberNovember US light vehicle sales beat expectations

4 December 2018

On the whole, last month's US light vehicle sales turned out better than expected. While most prognosticators said November deliveries would be down about 2%, the deficit was much smaller.

Subaru's Crosstrek helped the brand to another record month in the US marketInterest rates don’t slow US market, yet - ANALYSIS

5 November 2018

As our preliminary data published on Friday indicated, rising interest rates and higher petrol prices didn’t stop US light vehicle sales from rising in October.

FCA outsold Ford and Ram beat the Chevrolet SilveradoFCA outsells Ford in US

4 October 2018

September light vehicle sales came through mostly as expected though the decline was not as great as had been predicted.

Lexus again topped the US premium segment in August as Mercedes fended off BMW by only a few units year to dateUtilities prop up August US light vehicle sales

5 September 2018

Expectations of a sales increase met the realities of consumer economics in August.

Another surge in Jeep sales gave FCA a US boostJuly comes up a selling weekend short in US

2 August 2018

After a surprisingly strong June, July's US light vehicle sales results were more in line with 2018 projections.

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