It might be four years old but demand for the X7 (codename: Y101) remains strong

It might be four years old but demand for the X7 (codename: Y101) remains strong

Quite a few China-based car brands vanished in 2020 yet one that many hadn't paid much attention to had a surprisingly good year. Even though Brilliance Automotive and Shineray Motorcycle Company's SWM only sold 50,459 cars, it outperformed some big names, including Bestune, Maxus, Nio, Jeep, Lincoln and Land Rover. Later in 2021 we should see a move into EVs.

Formerly Italian motorbike company Sironi Vergani-Vimercate Milano (the Vs were combined to make a W), Shineray has owned SWM since 2014. Now, the initials are said to stand for either Speedy Working Motors or Start Win More according to Brilliance-Shineray. While that could be comedic to native English speakers, the brand's ambitions and recent performance are serious stuff.

Brilliance-Shineray makes a range of light commercial vehicles, two wheelers and agricultural machinery but the focus of this report is on the four-model passenger vehicle line-up.

The G05, the brand's best seller, was revealed in prototype form at the Chengdu motor show in September 2019 before going on sale in 2020. This 4,710 mm long crossover offers buyers the choice of 2.0-litre and turbocharged 1.5-litre petrol engines. There should be a facelift in 2023 and an electrified replacement in 2027.

As with SWM's three other vehicles, the G05's front-/all-wheel drive architecture is called G-Platform.

Two years prior to the arrive of the G05, SWM released its first crossover, the G01. Production at the company's Chongqing manufacturing base got underway in March 2018, three months after the model had been revealed to the media at a special event in Italy. The G01 was also exhibited at the Beijing motor show in April 2018.

The standard engine in this 4.6 m long model is a Brilliance-developed 1.5-litre four-cylinder turbo which produces a claimed 156 hp. We should see an updated powertrain next year at the same time as a mid-life styling refresh. A second generation model is due to arrive in 2025.

With the demise of the X5 in 2019 after fewer than three years of production, the X3 became one of two remaining X models. This MPV was originally a concept at the 2017 Shanghai motor show. It went on sale in the home market during January 2018. It's due for a facelift later in 2021 and should then be replaced in 2024.

The strikingly styled Eroe (Italian for 'hero') electric crossover was revealed as a concept at Auto Shanghai almost four years ago. A much delayed vehicle based on this design study is expected to go into production in China later this year. It should be badged X9 and positioned in the SWM model range above the X7.

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Future platform intelligence

More detail on past, current and forthcoming models can be found in PLDB, the future vehicles database which is part of GlobalData's Automotive Intelligence Center. That includes SWM models not detailed in this report, such as the X7 and former X5.

GAC will be the subject of the next feature in's future vehicles reports series.