The concours has taken place annually since 1950

The concours has taken place annually since 1950

Monterey Automotive Week, including the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, will take place on California's Monterey Peninsula in August. There will be various concept and new model world premieres, including a special edition of the Mulsanne as a way to generate fresh interest in this almost decade-old car.

More information concerning most of these cars can be found by searching PLDB, just-auto's global vehicle database. Simply click on the link at the end of this list.

Model year for North American markets in parentheses

Bentley Mulsanne W.O. Edition (2019): the marque's largest, most expensive sedan has been in production since 2009 and likely to have a successor in 2019. So to lift interest in this model, Bentley is building 100 cars, each fitted with a tiny piece of a crankshaft from an 8 Litre car owned by Walter Owen Bentley himself.

BMW Z4 (2019): it's been in development since 2012 so long overdue; in contrast to the previous Z4, G29 will have a fabric roof; a concept was revealed at the previous Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in August 2017; Magna Steyr will build it; no official news as yet on where and when Toyota will first exhibit the Supra.

Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics Progressive Luxury concept: after Infiniti revealed its own take on the Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz racers from the long-ago past at the 2017 Concours, now Daimler reclaims its heritage in the form of what will at first be a sculpture. An EQ-branded single seater evolved from this might follow.

Pininfarina Automobili PF0 (2021): the Munich-based start-up is funded by Pininfarina and its parent Mahindra. It will "offer a range of extremely luxurious and high-performance EV cars designed and built in a close partnership with Pininfarina SpA". The first of those is codenamed PF0 and will be an ultra-low volume, ultra-luxurious fully-electric hypercar. The first cars will be delivered to owners "in less than two years".

Future product program intelligence

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