Could Hoegh Osaka saga be on the verge of resolution? Picture courtesy Maritime & Coastguard Agency

Could Hoegh Osaka saga be on the verge of resolution? Picture courtesy Maritime & Coastguard Agency

With news salvers working on the 51,000t Hoegh Osaka carliner could tow the giant ship back into the Port of Southampton next week just-auto has a look at what we know so far - as well as what we don't know - and what might happen.

. Around 1,200 Jaguar Land Rovers, 65 Minis, one Rolls-Royce Wraith and 105 JCB machines remain on board.

. The vehicles were initially bound for Bremerhaven and Hamburg in Germany before going through the Suez Canal en route for Jeddah, Sohar [Oman], Jebal Ali [Dubai], Bahrain, Damman, Kuwait, Mumbai and Chennai.

. The vehicles may or not have been affected by the 3,000t of water that poured into the Hoegh Osaka following a crack in the side of the ship after machinery shifted.

. Hydraulic fluid leaking from vehicles has to be removed from that 3,000t before the 17-strong team of salvers using a helicopter and three tugs to board, can pump the water out.

. This week's fierce storms which have battered the south coast of England with some estimates putting winds at 100mph, have finally abated allowing salvers from Svitzer to board the vessel.

. Multiple UK authorities including the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA), Secretary of State Representative (SOSREP) for Salvage and Maritime Intervention, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), as well as the Port of Southampton and insurers, have been meeting daily to assess the situation.

. JLR is not divulging the value or nature of its cargo, but BMW says its Minis are worth around US$2m. The Rolls-Royce Wraith is bespoke, but could be valued in the region of GBP240,000. JCB puts the value at millions of pounds.

. SOSREP has established a 300m shipping and 2,000ft aeriel exclusion zone around the Hoegh Osaka.

. There has been no fuel leakage from the 500t on board.

. The ship is owned by car shipping specialist Hoegh Autoliners, which has 60 vessels in its fleet making 3,500 port calls every year.

. What we don't know:

. What state the vehicles are in.

. Cost of total salvage - ship - crew - vehicles.

. When exactly ship will be towed.

. What will happen to the vehicles once in port.