Here's a brief run-down of reports available in our research store that caught our eye over the past week or so...

1.Global market review of truck manufacturing – forecasts to 2014

This report is the third in a series published by just-auto on the global truck (6+ tonnes) industry. The last report was published in 2007. Since then the world’s economy and ultimately the truck industry has been through the severest downturn for more than half a century.


2.Global market review of automotive turbochargers – forecasts to 2015

Use this essential, cost-effective global round-up of this dynamic sector to gain insight, understand  market drivers, review technological developments, assess market sizes and trends and understand the key applications and major suppliers.


3. J.D. Power's Estimated Pan-European Passenger Car Assembly by Model (annual subscription)

This annual subscription of J.D. Power's European Passenger Car Production history - available through just-auto - provides monthly updates by make and model of the latest actual data and estimates. Detailed production numbers are shown for the latest month and year-to-date, for both the current year and previous year for comparison. Total production is shown for Pan-Europe, Western Europe, and Central & Eastern Europe regions, with model line detail provided.


4. Transmission Suppliers Report

Published September 2010, the Transmission Suppliers Report provides information on the latest technology within the sector including Manual, Automated manual, Dual clutch Automated Manual, Automatic, Continuously variable and Hybrid transmissions. Also covered are Clutch and Market development.


5. OEM future car model programmes to 2020

An essential reference if you need to have a knowledge of all key vehicle manufacturers' future car model launches around the world. Data contains future car model highlights for all regions from 2010 up to 2020. The data includes brand, future model name, segment, platform, production location, codename and expected launch year.


6. Global market review of full and plug-in hybrid vehicles – forecasts to 2017

This report is the second of just-autos series of three looking at hybrid vehicles.

Data includes trends of full hybrid vehicle production from 2000 through to 2014, offering unit volumes by make and model. Separate data also provides volumes by vehicle manufacturer for plug-in hybrids from 2000 to 2017.